Meet Growing Pains Star Kirk Cameron's 6 Kids

Hard to believe Mike Seaver is a dad, let alone one with six kids. Or rather, it's actor Kirk Cameron, the actor behind the teen trouble-maker on "Growing Pains," who has a half-dozen people who call him dad. It was on the hit show that aired on primetime TV from 1982-1992 where Cameron staked his claim to fame — and also where he fell in love with his wife. "I met Chelsea on 'Growing Pains,'" he shared with Fox News. "She was Mike Seaver's girlfriend on the show, so I like to tell people that I stole Mike's girlfriend and I married her."

Chelsea Noble became his wife when the two were wed in July 1991. When they started talking about expanding their family several years later, one option quickly popped up: adoption. "It came up pretty naturally because my wife Chelsea is an adopted child, he explained to Movieguide. "This was something that was always a part of her life, and something she's always wanted to do."

Their first child came to them in 1996, and three more adopted children quickly followed. They rounded out their family with Chelsea giving birth to two additional children, bringing their total number of kids to six. All the Cameron offspring, who affectionately refer to themselves as the CamFam, are grown up and doing their own thing — including making the one-time Tiger Beat cover boy a grandpa.

Jack Cameron

The oldest of all Kirk and Chelsea Cameron's kids, Jack Cameron was born in November 1996. While he was still in high school, he became interested in photography, and has pursued a career in several aspects of capturing imagery behind a lens. At one point, he worked for CamFam Studios, his father's faith-based production company. If you follow Kirk and have seen his online video series, "The Campfire," it was Jack who directed, filmed, and edited 70 of those episodes.

You can also see his work beyond the family business, including a credit as an Assistant Editor on the Uncle Kracker music video for "Nobody's Sad on a Saturday Night." And, in 2020, he took a job as the Digital Content Producer for Focus on the Family. Away from work, Jack is also a musician who has released music under the name Gntl Gynt.

After getting engaged in May 2018, Jack married Kaylee Cornwall in February 2019, in a wedding that was filled with all his brothers and sisters, and overseen by a very devoted father. "What an amazing son you are! I'm so proud of you," Kirk wrote in an Instagram post on his son's birthday. "You've become a loving, and protective husband, a crazy-talented artist, a faithful friend, and man of God." 

Isabella Bella Cameron

Less than a year and a half after her brother Jack was adopted by "Growing Pains" actor Kirk Cameron and his wife Chelsea, the couple adopted Isabella into the family. Born in April 1998, she's the oldest daughter in the Cameron clan and goes by the nickname Bella. In a note on Facebook, she posted a little about her life's philosophy: "I think life is meant to be lived, not just observed. So when it comes to new experiences, new foods, new friends, new destinations, new hobbies, etc... say yes."

In accordance with her adventurous spirit, it's only fitting that in 2022, Bella earned her wings after graduating from flight attendant school. Based out of Boston where she resides, she flies the skies with American Airlines. She also has a knack for singing and can be found belting out a big voice on karaoke night. In 2023, she declared herself single on social media but was formerly married, having exchanged vows in May 2020. Although it's uncertain when she may have ended the marriage, in December 2021, her partner was still a part of the family.  

In a social media post, Kirk paid tribute to his first daughter, writing, "Bella Blue, Mean Joan Green, Bell Bell — your beaming smile and the melody in your heart fills my life with the music of laughter and joy!" 

Ahna Cameron Bower

Just 10 months after Bella, Kirk and Chelsea Cameron adopted Ahna in January 1999, making her the third oldest child in the family. Anha has spent several months at a time in training for or serving on medical missions to foreign countries. In 2019, she volunteered in medical clinics in Cambodia, and in 2021, did the same in the Dominican Republic. Back in the United States, she does some modeling on the side from her home in Denver. 

Ahna married Austin Bower in November 2021, with dad Kirk walking his daughter down the aisle,and sharing a daddy-daughter dance. On Instagram a few months later, he posted photos from the wedding and offered a sweet note. "Ahna Jeanne Bower, I love you and am so proud of the woman you have become and are still becoming!" he wrote on her birthday. "You are beautiful, thoughtful, insightful, funny, full of life, and always the life of the party! I'm so thankful to be your dad."

She may be the third child, but she's the first to give Kirk something extra special: a grandchild. In December 2023, at the end of the family's traditional Christmas video, Ahna and her husband shared she was pregnant with a girl, due July 2024. "My baby girl is having a baby girl!" declared Grandpa Cameron.

Luke Cameron

The fourth child to be adopted by Kirk Cameron and wife Chelsea Cameron, Luke was born in April 2000, becoming a Cameron just 15 months after Ahna. The second son in the family graduated from high school in May 2019, then attended Link Year, a religious-based program to bridge the gap between high school and college. In 2020, he began his higher education at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

After completing his first semester of junior year in December 2022, he announced he would be moving to Nashville and completing his degree online. He has done some ministry work and speaking engagements but had not committed to any one career choice by early 2024. Luke leads an active life that includes surfing, golfing, skateboarding, and basketball. 

While there's been no mention of whether Kirk named his son after Leonardo DiCaprio's character in "Growing Pains," he does love the fact that he can say, "Luke, I am your father," in his best "Star Wars" voice. Kirk is also a big champion of his son and isn't afraid to share his admiration. "Luke, Sidewinder, you're a man of strength, great dreams and visions," he wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for always having my back, and being a son in whom I am well pleased." 

Olivia Cameron

Born in July 2001, Olivia is the first biological child of Kirk Cameron and his wife Chelsea, number five in the overall line-up, and the third daughter. Only a year and a half younger, Olivia graduated the same year as her older brother Luke, although each went to a different high school. The two siblings are particularly close, and when Luke made the decision to move to Nashville, he shared a big perk would be living closer to Olivia, whose home base is the Tennessee city.

An artist in multiple mediums, Olivia is a poet, writer, and painter, and traveled to Italy after high school for a three-month art study. She fell in love with traveling and has since been to Spain, the Napali Coast, Ireland, and Switzerland, among other places. She's a big fan of nature, and can often be found doing yoga outdoors or hiking through the woods capturing her surroundings in photographs.

Kirk is smitten with his youngest daughter and celebrated her birthday on Instagram. "If I could describe the beauty of a sunrise or the feeling of praise that wells up in my heart when I see wildflowers bursting with color on a hillside, I might be able to communicate the gratitude I feel for having you as my daughter. Happy birthday, Bunny."

James Cameron

The youngest member of the family, James was born in April 2003, the second biological child of Kirk and Chelsea Cameron to join his adopted brothers and sisters. Number six in the group, he and his siblings are the nieces and nephews of Kirk's sister, "Full House" star Candace Cameron Bure

Luke graduated from high school in May 2021, spending his time after classes playing soccer and lacrosse. He has been having one adventure after the other since his commencement. Imbued with artistic talent like some of his older siblings, he plays the guitar, sings, and has a photography career, mostly shooting nature and animals. He's an outdoorsman, a hunter and a fisherman, and has spent time living in Montana and Wyoming, sometimes as a fly-fishing guide.

While celebrating his own birthday, "Growing Pains" star Kirk gave shout-outs to all his wife and children, including James. "James, Sweet Baby James, Maggot, you da' man!" he penned on Instagram. "Thanks for always wanting me to 'tell you a story,' cracking my knuckles, telling me to stop thinking so much, being a homie, and giving me so many reasons to thank God that I'm your dad."