What It's Really Like To Stay In The Hospital If You're Kate Middleton

It was announced on January 17, 2024, that Catherine, Princess of Wales is taking a break from the public eye amid surgery recovery. "The surgery was successful and it is expected that she will remain in hospital for 10 to 14 days, before returning home to continue her recovery," an official statement from Kensington Palace said. The hospitalization is sadly historic because King Charles III is expected to have surgery the week after and both royals will be in the hospital at the same time.

The outlet Hello! got the scoop on the hospital Kate Middleton is reportedly being treated at — The London Clinic, a private hospital in London. A former patient named Chris Lawrence had surgery at the location in 2023 and divulged to the outlet that it was like "a very nice hotel," adding, "I'm certain the Princess will be treated no different to myself and any other patients during their stay as the level of care is amazing." Lawrence's surgery was for prostate cancer, and he called his time at the hospital "faultless." Every step of the process went smoothly, and he said kind words about those who cared for him during his time there.

Lawrence also commended the nurses for their responsiveness and raved about the food. "Breakfast, lunch, and evening meals were picked from either the light bite or a la carte menus and the options catered for everyone, including those suffering from food allergies such as coeliac," he said. Lawrence added that his visitors were treated well too, and that afternoon tea was offered (naturally).

The London Clinic offers many services and amenities

The London Clinic's website details its services, which as Chris Lawrence mentioned, do sound a lot like a hotel. The page titled Your Care Team describes the staff members who will work with patients, such as the non-medical service team (including housekeepers and chefs). "Our service team has one common goal — to make you feel special," that section reads. "We provide extra touches, such as personalised food menus, to make your stay as comfortable and as much like home as possible."

The Your Stay webpage mentions the amenities of The London Clinic's rooms, the hospital's housekeeping process, the high-quality food, and the concierge service. "During your stay, our concierges can help you arrange travel and accommodation, book tours, theatre shows and restaurants," the site says.

The concierges likely come in handy for patients coming to The London Clinic from other countries for care. The International Patients page also mentions a "chaperone service when you go to have your treatment, so you always have a friendly face nearby." Based on all that information, it's likely that Catherine, Princess of Wales will have an enjoyable recovery at The London Clinic.

The maternity wing at St. Mary's Hospital is where Kate gave birth

The London Clinic is not the only hospital where Catherine, Princess of Wales has stayed. She and many other women of the royal family (such as Princess Anne and Princess Diana) gave birth at the Lindo Wing in St. Mary's Hospital. "The most vital thing the Lindo offers is discretion, with each new mother ensconced in her own en-suite room equipped with high-speed internet, radio, safe, fridge, and television," Karen Yossman, a former patient and Telegraph columnist, wrote in a story about the experience. "I didn't see or hear another patient during the entirety of my stay." The Lindo Wing also has great food service, Yossman noted.

According to a brochure about the Lindo Wing on the NHS website, the Care Quality Commission gave them an "Outstanding" rating in 2023. The brochure lists the services they provide for mothers and babies before, during, and after giving birth. The "discretion" Yossman mentioned was cited as the publication wrote, "Discretion is key to our service and we will ensure that you have the space, security, and privacy you need to enjoy these precious early moments as a family."

They offer a wide range of services — such as an option for family photos taken outside the Lindo Wing, similar to iconic photos of royals and their newborns from years past.