New Clips Of Barron Trump Are Causing A Stir

Amalija Knavs, Melania Trump's mother, died in Florida at the age of 78, and her grandson Barron Trump attended her funeral along with his parents at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, not far from Mar-a-Lago. Barron's siblings were also there with their respective spouses and partners. While it is certainly a sad day for the entire family and many people online are posting their condolences, many are also noting Barron's appearance. He became such a topic of conversation that "Barron" started trending on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The main theme of the social media posts seems to be about the fact that pictures of the 17-year-old Barron posed between Melania and Donald Trump on the stairs outside the church show him literally head and shoulders above his parents. "Barron sure is tall! I wonder if he is still growing?" one person posted on X. Another person noted how grown-up Barron looks. They weren't alone; one person wrote, "Very aristocratic looking Barron Trump. He looks like a person from Ancient Rome." 

All of Donald's kids are on the tall side, though Barron has all of them beat by at least a couple of inches. On Megyn Kelly's podcast in September 2023, Donald said Barron was "about 6 feet, 8 inches" — the next tallest in the Trump family is Eric Trump, who is 6 feet, 6-inches.

Donald Trump has publicly commented a number of times on Barron Trump's height

Donald Trump has talked about Barron Trump's height before, and he mentioned it a couple more times recently during his victory speech after the Iowa caucuses. One time was about what sport he thought Barron should pursue. "I said [to Barron], 'You're going to be a basketball player,'" Donald recalled, though he noted his son prefers soccer. Donald then addressed his mother-in-law's passing, noting how much she'd be missed by her family and how much she loved Barron. "Boy did she take care of Barron. That's how he got so tall — he only ate her food," he said.

Donald is not the only one who's joked about Barron's height in recent days. The pictures from Barron's grandmother's funeral had some people making wisecracks on social media. One person wrote, "If this were 'Succession,' Barron would be Cousin Greg." Actor Nicholas Braun, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall, played the Roy family cousin on "Succession" — and given the fictional Roy family's wealth and family business, others have agreed with the comparison in the past.

"Good thing his family has money because that boy I'd [be] going through some clothes and groceries," another person joked. Anyone with a growing teenager in the house can certainly relate!

Height seems important to Donald Trump

On social media, some people brought up the rumors that Donald Trump is jealous of his son's height. "You know Trump is jealous as h*** of his son's height and young good looks," one wrote. Michael Wolff, who wrote "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," spoke on MSNBC in 2019 about how Donald didn't like having his picture taken next to people who were taller than he was, including his son. But unless he resorts to some kind of visual trickery, there's not going to be a way for Donald to avoid looking shorter next to his youngest son.

Reports of Donald's height have changed a bit over the years. During his booking at the Fulton County Jail, it was self-reported at 6-feet, 3-inches. His New York driver's license listed his height as 6 feet, 2 inches tall, as reported by Politico. Height certainly seems to be important to Donald given that he's used being little or short as an insult about some of his political opponents.

All the focus on Barron's height seems to be too much for some, though. "I wish people could talk about Barron without always mentioning his height," one person posted on X. "The world is full of tall people, I don't get why it's a thing. He's an incredibly bright and handsome young man. I hope we see more of him and hear more from him and people can get over it."