Body Language Expert Tells Us Donald & Melania Were Disconnected At Her Mom's Funeral

The current state of the relationship between former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump may be a little fragile right now. The feisty politician and his supermodel wife have long been hailed as the twosome leading the charge for the GOP side of politics, but a recent outing has shown cracks are beginning to show in their seemingly unbreakable bond.

On January 18, the famous husband and wife attended the funeral of Melania's mom, Amalija Knavs, who died at 78 years old. During the funeral, a few awkward encounters took place and cast doubt on the state of Donald and Melania's love for each other.

While the former first lady has weathered many of her husband's most chaotic moments, it seems like she has been a little cold toward him in recent months. The disconnected nature of their interactions at the funeral has body language expert Jess Ponce III, author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within," believing there may be trouble brewing for this former presidential power couple. Ponce explained why in an exclusive interview with The List.

There were no signs of intimacy between them

When a married couple attends something as deeply emotional as a funeral, you would expect there to be some display of love between them. But for Donald Trump and Melania Trump, close moments at her mother's funeral were few and far between. After leaving the church, the couple stood side by side, not touching, as her mother's casket was placed in the hearse. Although their somber demeanor was fitting for the occasion, body language expert Jess Ponce III noted the lack of affection between the couple was strange.

Ponce noted to The List that if only that moment were observed, the respectful distancing wouldn't be totally unusual at a funeral. However, when it came time to depart the church, the couple left in separate cars, their personal interaction showing a distinct lack of connection.

"Donald courteously accompanied Melania to her car, sharing a few words, yet there was no physical contact or display of intimacy between them," Ponce noted. In fact, Donald stood several feet from the car while a guard held the door open for Melania. The former president didn't place a comforting hand on her back, didn't help her into the car, and didn't lean in to share a private moment. He simply spoke to her from a distance, then walked to his own vehicle. The vibe was distinctly chilly, and according to the body language pro, that raises questions about the state of the couple's relationship.

What the future may hold for the Trump marriage

Donald Trump obviously has a lot of irons in the fire. Simultaneously defending himself in multiple legal battles, the former president is also attempting a second shot at the White House in the 2024 presidential election. And while he's been in court and on the campaign trail, his wife Melania Trump has been conspicuously absent. 

In May 2023, Melania professed her support for her husband and his bid for another turn in the Oval Office. However, by September 2023, she had yet to appear on the campaign trail with him, and the public started to question her no-shows. Donald told "Meet the Press" she would be with him "pretty soon," but as of January 2024, had yet to join him at any rallies or events. Likewise, his wife was not in attendance at any of her husband's many courthouse appearances.

Between Donald's schedule and Melania's grief, there seems to be a lack of physical support on the part of both husband and wife. Jess Ponce III challenges, though, that the state of their marriage has yet to be confirmed. "The real curiosity lies in what the future holds for their interactions," the body language expert told The List. "The next time we witness them together will likely be the most revealing moment yet."