Get To Know Perez Hilton's 3 Kids

While blogger Perez Hilton is known for his controversial commentary, having treated Britney Spears unfairly during her conservatorship days via his famed blog site and feuded with Lady Gaga, among other questionable behaviors. However, these days, there's a much softer side to Hilton that fans are now getting to witness. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Hilton uses his platform to advocate for gay rights and other social issues. He even adopted the #NoKidsPolicy, brought forth by Ashton Kutcher and Kristen Bell in 2015, pushing media outlets to respect the privacy of children from famous parents.  This new outlook on reporting and Hilton's refraining from the types of content featured in his messier blog posts in the early 2000s is likely due to him now having children of his own. 

Perez Hilton's journey into fatherhood has been a transformative and highly publicized aspect of his life. In 2013, he welcomed his first child, a son named Mario Armando Lavandeira III, into the world via surrogate. In May of that year, he spoke about parenthood with CBS News, sharing, "It's been amazing, enlightening, exhausting, and incredibly rewarding. I feel like I have baby brain. It's kinda mushy at times. He's also made me a lot more centered." Since then, he has welcomed two more children, daughters Mia and Mayte Amor. While Hilton is protective of his family, he frequently shares glimpses of the growing kiddos on his website and YouTube channel.

Hilton teaches his son the importance of a personal and public persona

Mario Armando Lavandeira III, named after Hilton, gave the media personality his first dose of being a dad. Shortly after Mario was born, Hilton made a move to ensure his son knew the importance of maintaining privacy even when living his life in the spotlight. "I wanted, even at this young age, to educate him about the difference between public and private life. So he's publicly known as J.R. That's the hashtag," Hilton told The New Yorker in June 2015. Another method Hilton employs to instill this lesson is limiting his son's access to electronic devices like computers and iPads.

In a September 2023 vlog titled "My Son Is Taking Over! When He Grows Up," Hilton revealed that Mario wants to become a blogger. Hilton said in the clip he hoped Mario would not go the same route he did but insisted that he would support him either way. Hilton is open to supporting his son in another aspect, specifically regarding his future sexuality, even though he has acknowledged his hope that his son will grow up to be heterosexual.  Hilton made the revelation in an April 2018 vlog, explaining, "If I had my preference, I would prefer my son to be heterosexual because that's easier. As a gay man, I'm not ashamed of being gay, but if I could go back in time and when I was 18, be given a choice ... I would've chosen, then, to be heterosexual" (via HuffPost).

Mia has a love for music and painting

Just two years after welcoming his son, Perez Hilton had his daughter, Mia, also through surrogacy in May 2015. Despite still being really young, the charming little girl is already following in her father Perez Hilton's footsteps. In August 2023, she launched her own show on her dad's Perez Hilton And Family YouTube channel. In the adorable inaugural clip, Mia displayed her impeccable Spanish skills and even some of her artistic abilities. It seems that Mia has a love for painting and drawing, with her proud father sharing other videos including one posted in September 2023 which shows off Mia's custom blanket that she made in school.

Outside of her painting skills, Mia is also a talented pianist. In December 2023, after the family relocated to Las Vegas, she had her very first piano recital. Her younger sister, Mayte Amor, also shares in her love for the piano and also performed in that performance.

Mayte is Hilton's youngest child and second daughter

Perez Hilton welcomed his youngest child, Mayte Amor, in October 2017. Hilton announced the birth in a touching Instagram post of him, his baby girl, and his mother, Teresita Lavandeira. "She was born on Wednesday, October 4th at 3:26 PM – weighing seven pounds and four ounces; measuring 20 inches long; and she's perfect," Perez wrote in the caption.

It seems Mayte might have a love for reading. For her sixth birthday in October 2023, Hilton chose not to buy her presents. Instead, the pair went to the library, where Hilton wanted to introduce Mayte to his favorite children's book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." It also seems the youngster enjoys spending time with her dad and siblings. Mayte was full of excitement with Mia and Mario when Hilton took them to Disney On Ice in January 2024, which Hilton shared on his Instagram profile. As Mayte continues to grow, her father will surely continue sharing her many hobbies and interests as he embraces being a parent to his three kids.