Chyler Leigh Unlocks Why The Way Home's Fans Inspire Her Deep Gratitude - Exclusive

Chyler Leigh always finds a way to captivate us. Who could forget Lexie Grey trapped under an airplane on "Grey's Anatomy?" Or Alex Danvers kicking butt on "Supergirl?" Then came the Hallmark Channel series "The Way Home." The actor signed on to play Kat Landry in the tear-jerking, warm-fuzzies, time-traveling show that tries to solve both mysteries and mother-daughter relationships, and we were once again completely glued to our screens as the drama played out. 

"What's so unique and what's so special about it is, this show really gives us an opportunity to still maintain that wonderful, heartfelt, feeling and that come-home feeling that Hallmark always offers," Leigh explained to Access Hollywood before the first season aired. "But at the same time, you are being stretched on this really deep journey." 

Along for the ride are multiple characters who join Kat during her roller-coaster of a life ride, and Leigh is thankful for every one of them, as well as the viewers who have embraced them. In an exclusive interview, she reveals to The List she has nothing but gratitude for fans of "The Way Home" for their reception of the Hallmark series' diversity.

Chyler Leigh is grateful for the show's inclusivity

Before Chyler Leigh became time-traveling Kat Landry on the Hallmark series "The Way Home," she was Alex Danvers on "Supergirl," the older sister of the cape-wearing superhero. In her storyline on The CW Network show, Leigh's Danvers went through a personal discovery, which then impacted her own life. "My character came out at 28 years old and it was a big deal," she exclusively told The List on January 17 at a Los Angeles screening of Season 2's premiere . "It was a big story at the time and it really kind of helped me come to grips with my own kind of self-identity and whatnot." 

After Danvers came out, Leigh penned a personal essay for Create Change, a website she helped co-found. In the essay, she revealed her character's coming-out words held a ring of truth for her, and she was a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Characters Joyce (Laura de Carteret) and Jude (Meghan Fahlenbock, pictured above with Leigh) on "The Way Home" are also part of that community, and Leigh couldn't be more thankful for their inclusion in the series. "The fact that we are representing [the queer community] from a Hallmark perspective ... you don't traditionally kind of connect the two, but the fact that we are, and it's being really well received, I'm unbelievably grateful for that," the actor shared with The List. "And we're pushing that a little bit more this next season as well."

Season 2 of The Way Home promises more

On the cusp of Season 2 of "The Way Home," which premieres January 21, actor Chyler Leigh revealed audiences would continue to see more of the characters Joyce and Jude, a happy and successful queer couple in a committed relationship. "We're sort of trying to just pepper things in as we can without looking like we're shoving agendas or trying to put too much in one place," Leigh told The List, explaining they want the portrayal of the characters to be realistic. "We really, really want to keep things classy and tasteful and respectful."

Leigh noted that everyone involved in "The Way Home" — from the writers and creators to showrunners and actors — is thoughtful and conscious of how the couple is portrayed on screen. "[I'm] a huge advocate for the community, and so that's always in the forefront of my mind," she said.

The Hallmark star also noted the Joyce and Jude storyline was one of many coming this way in Season 2, promising exciting episodes ahead. It seems like there will be plenty to enjoy about the next installment of "The Way Home," and we can't wait to catch up with Kat Landry as well as her family and friends.