This Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin Commercial Is Based On One Of His Iconic Romcoms

Fans of actor Ryan Reynolds have likely dug into his filmography, and know about the romantic comedies he previously starred in. Long before his co-ownership of the Wrexham A.F.C. soccer team, Reynolds starred in a romcom called "Just Friends." In the film, he plays Chris, a man who, a decade later, tries to win the affections of the woman he had an unrequited crush on in high school. In the past, they were best friends, but he wanted more — can he finally get the girl? The woman in question is Jamie, played by Amy Smart. 

In 2022, Smart told The List she wanted to make a "Just Friends" sequel. About 18 years after the movie's release, her wish was somewhat granted when Reynolds and Smart got together to play Chris and Jamie once more. The purpose of the "Just Friends" renaissance was actually for an Aviation Gin commercial. The gin company is one of Reynolds' many businesses, and he kept "an ongoing ownership interest" even after the company was bought by Diageo in 2020. In the commercial, Reynolds tricks Smart into advertising his gin under the guise of making a "Just Friends" sequel.

In the ad, Smart questions many of Reynolds' creative choices

The commercial, which was titled "Just Friendsgiving" on Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel, starts with a title card of "2023, New Jersey." Amy Smart playing Jamie enters the house (carrying a full Aviation Gin bottle) and Reynolds as Chris admires a Christmas tree. When asked about her shift at work, Smart says, "I've had better days. The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin." Reynolds laments about that before Smart stops the filming — and the house they're in evaporates, showing that it's been green screened in. Smart is unsure about the premise, but Reynolds convinces her to try again.

She stops after another take. When Reynolds is questioned about his dramatic acting choices he says, "Well, it's been 18 years. You know? I think the characters have changed a bit so I'm sort of playing it like that in my head." Smart also brings up the plot hole of her having a full bottle of gin if there wasn't any. Reynolds waves her concern away, saying she bought it, "at one of our many well-respected retail partners."

When Smart realizes it's an advertisement, she storms off, and viewers hear a glass shatter. At the very end however, Reynolds gives Smart a shoutout and she gets a round of applause.

Many people enjoyed seeing Reynolds and Smart in the ad

Fans of "Just Friends" flooded the commercial's comments with praise. One said, "'Just Friends' needs a sequel, such a good movie. Sequel not complete without 'I Swear' being sung again." (The Aviation Gin advertisement had a nod to that iconic song from the film's soundtrack by including lyrics to "I Swear" in the YouTube video's description.) Another fan commented on the video and said, "It's a tradition in my house, we watch 'Just Friends' every Christmas. It was great seeing both of them together again," with a smiling emoji. 

One commenter even said, "Only Ryan Reynolds would make an AD that is more interesting to watch than half of movies these days." The positive response is quite different than the response to a commercial Reynolds' "The Adam Project" co-star Zoe Saldana starred in. Many felt her T-Mobile commercial for the 2023 holiday season fell totally flat.

Reynolds is something of an advertising savant, and who knows what he'll create next. Fingers crossed he's planning a commercial inspired by "Definitely, Maybe" next.