RHONYC's Brynn Whitfield And Jenna Lyons Are Total Besties

Brynn Whitfield and former J. Crew exec Jenna Lyons have become the best of friends since joining the revised "Real Housewives of New York City" crew. This is a welcome relief, especially considering Lyons teased impending drama between the two ahead of the July 2023 premiere. While Whitfield did call out Lyons after her infamous decision not to fly coach on the girls' trip on the eighth episode of Season 14, the ladies certainly grew close. The season finale in October 2023 featured Whitfield's birthday celebration, where Lyons went so far as to offer Whitfield a birthday kiss, fulfilling the flirty request made by communications professional Whitfield earlier in the season.

After the reunion aired, Whitfield shared that she and Lyons were the closest off-camera of all the cast members. "I adore her. I am very, very close to Jenna," Whitfield told OK Magazine in December 2023. It's abundantly clear at this point that Lyons' and Whitfield's friendship is solidified beyond the series.

Brynn Whitfield has a small crush on Jenna Lyons

Brynn Whitfield and Jenna Lyons definitely packed on the PDA during Season 14. In addition to the famous birthday kiss for Whitfield, fans saw the women flirting throughout the season, with Whitfield openly joking about hooking up with Lyons. During their cast trip to Anguilla, the pair famously flirted with one another, with Whitfield saying in her confessional, "I think Jenna looks like a babe."

Whitfield also made her feelings about Lyons known during an October 2023 episode of the "Scheananigans with Scheana Shay." She admitted that while on the show, the playful comments and friendly smooch were innocent, but she soon realized she liked Lyons a bit more than she thought. "I started thinking about it, I'm like, 'You know what, honest to God, like why not? Why didn't I?' I just told her actually last week like at this party we were at, I was like, 'You know what's funny, like when we were filming, we were joking.' I was like, 'Now I actually kind of have a crush on you,'" Whitfield shared with Shay, later adding, "I'm kind of in love with Jenna. It was a joke then, and now I'm kind of in love with Jenna."

Whitfield shut down rumors that her pal was leaving the show

During the star-studded BravoCon in November 2023, all of the new cast of "RHONYC" showed up, except for Jenna Lyons. This absence, combined with Lyons' casual appearance during the Season 14 reunion, sparked rumors that the fashion designer left the series after her first season. However, Brynn Whitfield jumped to her bestie's defense, assuring fans that she strongly believed Lyons would return. "I'm not worried that she's not [coming back]. I think that maybe she would. She's just in her own — she's a whole vibe. She just does her thing. And that's why I think she's an incredible character because it was so unlikely, someone like her," Whitfield told Access Hollywood during the event. Lyons also addressed her absence at BravoCon, telling Entertainment Tonight during the CFDA Fashion Awards that other engagements kept her from attending.

As of now, there has been no confirmation about Lyons' status for next season. The former J. Crew president is currently preoccupied with her relationship with Cass Bird, which would make for a great storyline, especially with Lyons and Whitfield's flirty moments peppered in. However, so far, there's been no confirmation on who's returning to "RHONY" next season.