Inside Hallmark Star Brennan Elliott's Relationship With Wife Camilla Row

Hallmark star Brendan Elliott's romantic wiles have charmed us in movies like "The Nanny Express" and "Love You Like Christmas." However, his greatest role is that of husband to Camilla Row. In 2023, he celebrated their anniversary on Instagram, writing: "Before, I never knew what true love was. It's more than a feeling; it's a commitment to fight [through] everything life throws at you and never give up on love! Being by your side, going on life's journey together, has been the greatest gift, and I would never want to be joined at the hip with anyone else."

The couple tied the knot in a private wedding on September 10, 2011, three years after Elliott joined the Hallmark family. Amusingly, their professions add to their romance-novel-like love; Row is a private psychologist and Elliott is the actor who went all out to win her love. Elliott has attributed his success to his wife, whom he calls his "warrior queen," and their life story shows how much she deserves the title.

Camilla Row handled the home so Brennan Elliott's career could thrive

Brennan Elliott's long list of Hallmark movies shows how busy his life is. As an actor, being on multiple sets means being away from his family for long periods. In a 2017 chat with My Devotional Thoughts, the actor revealed that he'd only been able to see them for two months that year. This meant leaving his wife, Camilla Row, and their two young children. To support him, his wife held the fort down in his absence. "Without her," he said, "I wouldn't be able to do what I do." He went on to sweetly talk about how they worked to make each other's lives better, calling her a "special, special person." 

The actor's Mother's Day appreciation post in 2023 was just as romantic. He called Row the "stronger woman" behind him. He added: "I am so proud of you, the woman you are and the love, focus and strength to do it all while keeping our home thriving!" 

Brennan Elliott and Camilla Row faced her health struggles together

Brennan Elliott knighting Camilla Row as a "warrior queen" is apt, considering she's defeated cancer twice. On June 1, 2018, Row was diagnosed with stage one stomach cancer. It took surgery and eight rounds of chemo, but she was eventually declared free of cancer in November of that year.

However, on January 4, 2022, the family was struck with another cancer episode, this time with stage four gastric cancer. Elliott shared the devastating health news about his wife and urged fans to keep her in their prayers. Then, in March 2023, he updated that his "warrior" had once again beaten cancer. He said, "All the biopsies came back negative and the fluid ... I am on cloud nine!!"

Now, the actor and his wife are back to posting photos together and going out on dates. In January 2024, the Hallmark star posted a selfie with his wife, captioning it, "When the kids and the #warriorqueen can smile, it's a good day!" The Elliotts have certainly had a rough few years, but their love for each other seems to be all the strength they need.