The Message Kylie Kelce Sent To Husband Jason After He Climbed Into Bills Crowd

Jason Kelce — who NFL fans know best as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Swifties know best as the brother of Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce — is finished with his NFL season. That sadly means there won't be another Kelce vs. Kelce Super Bowl showdown like there was in 2023 when the Eagles played the Kansas City Chiefs. 

However, the end of Eagles season meant we got to see Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce cheer on his little brother as the Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills in upstate New York. Swift was there too, marking the first time that we got to see Swift meet Jason and Kylie. It was surely a memorable meeting as Jason really let loose during the game. At one point, Kylie seemed to want Jason to rein it in, telling someone to tell her shirtless husband to get back inside. Yes, shirtless, and yes, back inside — he jumped out of the luxury box wearing nothing above the waist but a beanie a couple of times in 20-degree weather.

In footage posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Jason was seen chatting with fans when Patrick Mahomes Sr. leaned out the window of the suite and told Jason, "Kylie said get your a** back in here."

Jason Kelce seemed to be shirtless for much of the game

The first time Jason Kelce left the suite to join fans in the stands was during his viral celebration of Travis Kelce's first touchdown in the second quarter, which pulled the Chiefs ahead of the Bills for the first time in the game. Jason pulled his shirt off, roared in excitement  — add that to the list of the Kelces' best brotherly moments — and then jumped out of the suite and downed his beer before getting back in. He seemed to stay shirtless for the rest of the game.

As Jason went viral, some fans online were instead focused on Kylie's reaction in the background — she just gave a smile and didn't seem all that surprised. Some thought it showed how well suited the two were for each other, and one person posted on X: "Love the adoration in her eyes for him. You know she just gets him."

Others joked about how Jason is now getting more screen time than Taylor Swift during this Chiefs game. Another person quipped, "I could not imagine being Kylie Kelce, having to wrangle drunk, shirtless Jason into an Uber/hired car service."

Jason Kelce pregamed with a bowling ball shot in the parking lot

There was one fan who pointed out on X how the scene wouldn't have been one that anyone would have predicted: "If I told you a shirtless Jason Kelce would be in a suite with Cara Delevingne cheering on Taylor Swift's boyfriend, you wouldn't have believed me." That's right, in all the excitement, people missed realizing that Delevingne was there too!

Jason's downed beer after Travis Kelce's first touchdown wasn't his first drink — not that there's anything wrong with that. Before the game, Jason got in on some pre-game drinks in the parking lot with some Buffalo Bills fans, who are known for their tailgating. It wasn't just an ordinary drink though — it was one from a bowling ball. He was clothed for that one though. Definitely a man of the people! 

When Travis was asked by Aditi Kinkhabwala of CBS Sports after the game if he knew his brother had taken his shirt off, he laughed and said: "My brother was shirtless? Nah, it doesn't surprise me one bit. I love that guy, and every time we're not on the field together, we're always rooting for each other." We hope that we get to see more of Jason and Kylie (and Swift too, of course) at the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. If the Bills game was any indication, they'll all be having a good time!