All The Signs Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce's Romance Won't Work Out

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship, which started earlier than anyone knew, has been a major subject of public intrigue, blending the worlds of music and sports since they began dating officially in 2023. Given Swift's reputation for producing chart-topping hits like "Maroon" and Kelce's instrumental role in securing two Super Bowl victories for the Kansas City Chiefs, it's not surprising that the press and millions of fans alike are captivated by this power couple. However, there may be signs that their romance will not last very long.

Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, previously warned the superstar about the athlete's past infidelity. As Benberry shared with the Daily Mail, in September 2023, "Only time will tell, but like the saying always goes, once a cheater, always a cheater." Kelce initially met Benberry on his 2016 dating reality series, "Catching Kelce," his involvement in which may suggest that he enjoys dating multiple women at once. Whether that's accurate, Kelce and Swift appear to have other issues that could impact the longevity of their high-profile relationship.

Swift was fresh out of a six-year relationship when she started dating Kelce

When Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce first began dating, the singer-songwriter wasn't that long out of her six-year relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. The pair first crossed paths in 2016 and began dating the following year. Unlike Swift's romance with Kelce, which is splashed all over the tabloids, things with Alwyn were significantly more private. In a 2018 interview with Total Film, he explained this decision by stating, "I just don't feel it's something I want to offer up to be picked apart by people who don't know about it, and it's just not theirs to have," (via People). Unfortunately, it was confirmed in April 2023 that they had gone their separate ways.

The "Bad Blood" hitmaker didn't really give herself much time to mourn the relationship, as it was reported in May 2023 that she was dating controversial English musician Matty Healy, though this fling only lasted about a month. Enter Kelce. Around this timeframe, in July 2023, he attended a concert during her Eras tour and even revealed that he unsuccessfully tried to slip the singer his number. By September, dating rumors had begun, so his efforts eventually paid off. Some may view this as a massive red flag, considering that it appears Swift jumped from Healy to Kelce rather quickly after such a lengthy relationship with Alwyn, but the concerns don't stop there.

Kelce and his family may not be comfortable with the attention that comes with Swift

Travis Kelce is a celebrity on his own merit. However, the outsized attention that comes with dating international superstar Taylor Swift may be a bit much for him to handle. Many have theorized that Swift and Kylie Kelce have a chilly relationship after she made comments to Spectrum News Kansas City, in November 2023, about preferring the stands over the game box suites, which the "I Knew You Were Trouble" hitmaker has notably become a fixture in at Kansas City Chiefs games. A source admitted to Life & Style magazine in January 2024 that Swift really took these remarks to heart, which created tension between them. 

Other members of the Kelce family, including Travis's mom, Donna, his dad, Ed, and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce, are also rumored to be upset over the intense media attention that's now been placed on the entire family due to Swift's all-encompassing public-facing persona. This could easily become a real nuisance for Travis, who has never been in a public relationship with another celeb. 

The NFL star acknowledged that this was new territory during a November 2023 chat with The Wall Street Journal, sharing, "I've never dealt with it." However, he added, "At the same time, I'm not running away from any of it." Whether or not Kelce and Swift can make it work in the long term remains to be seen. For now, they seem to be enjoying their time with one another and everything that comes with it.