How Much Money Did Ivana Trump Get From Donald After Their Messy Public Divorce?

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Donald Trump's divorce from Ivana Trump was publicly messy — not just because of the family's fame, but also because of how brazenly he flaunted his affair with Marla Maples. Ivana and Donald married in 1977 and were together for 13 years before splitting in 1990. The mother of three had quite a case against Donald. Apart from his public affairs, she also accused him of rape — even swearing an oath to that effect.

Despite this, the divorce was also tricky for Ivana. Before their marriage, she'd signed a prenuptial agreement that entitled her to a 45-room Greenwich home in Connecticut and $25 million, as well as custody of their three children. However, she decided to contest the prenup as she believed it represented too small a fraction of Donald's wealth. Mr. Trump, who was in debt at the time, was still worth about $1.7 billion.

Finally, after a year of court battles, the divorce was finalized, and Ivana's prenup contest was somewhat successful. In addition to what she'd been previously entitled to, she was given an apartment at Trump Plaza, a month at Mar-a-Lago annually, and an annual payment of $650,000 until their kids turned 18. However, instead of $25 million, she received $14 million. Ivana ended up rescinding her rape allegations in 1993, three years after making them.

Donald Trump's predictions about the divorce turned out wrong

Following the announcement of their separation, Donald Trump told People in 1990 that the divorce would be "amicable" as he and Ivana Trump never fought. He also stated that the children would not be affected. In reality, the divorce became incredibly messy, and their children were affected.

According to Vanity Fair, Donald Trump Jr., then 12 years old, accused his father of not loving them or himself. Ivana told the magazine, "The children are all wrecks. I don't know how Donald can say they are great and fine. Ivanka now comes home from school crying. [...] Little Eric asks me, 'Is it true you are going away and not coming back?'" Post-divorce, Don Jr. even refused to speak to his father for a year.

Despite the setback in Donald's relationship with his children, Ivana praised her ex-husband as a father in her 2017 memoir, "Raising Trump: Family Values from America's First Mother." She wrote, "Donald might not have been the greatest husband to me, but he was a good father to the kids."

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump built a friendship years after the divorce

Years after their infamous divorce, Ivana and Donald Trump rebuilt a friendship, even doing business together. In 1995, they appeared in a Pizza Hut commercial that almost gave the impression they were back together. When Ivana's rape allegations against Donald resurfaced in 2015, the mother of three publicly defended Donald. She stated that although he had "behaved very differently" to her and left her feeling "violated," her claims were not meant to be "interpreted in a literal or criminal sense" (via ABC News).

Ivana also told the New York Post in 2016 that she and Donald had gotten past the bitterness of their divorce once it was settled. She said, "[H]e had to negotiate, and he had to win. Once the financial part was settled, we're friendly." Following the heartbreaking death of Ivana Trump in July 2022, Donald was full of praises for his ex-wife, calling her "an amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life."