Sadie Laflamme-Snow Teases Bold Romantic Moves For Alice In The Way Home Season 2 - Exclusive

Hallmark's most mysterious series, "The Way Home," has returned for its second season with plenty of new mysteries, mind-bending moments of time travel, and drama ahead. It seems that much of that drama will be romance-related. After Season 2 opened with one epic make out, Chyler Leigh told us there may be more to come.

Leigh's character Kat Landry isn't the only one with some major romantic plot lines coming — this season, it's like mother, like daughter. In an exclusive interview, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, who plays Alice Dhawan, dished on all the romance that's in store for her character in Season 2. Much of what initially drew Laflamme-Snow to "The Way Home" was how Alice's character would develop throughout the show. By the sound of it, plenty of that development is coming this season. 

On January 18, The List attended a screening event and Q&A with Laflamme-Snow at the Garland Hotel in Los Angeles, and we asked her to address what we're all thinking: Spencer Hill seems like Alice's perfect match. "I know, that was kind of like, will they or won't they?" Laflamme-Snow said exclusively to The List. She added, "But they won't, because he was taken and spoken for." Well, that closes that book —but don't despair, Alice's journey is just beginning.

We'll see three generations of love stories in The Way Home

Alice Dhawan's will they-won't they status with Spencer Hill comes after her breakup with her former beau, Nick at the end of Season 1. Sometimes in love, timing is everything, and this really rang true for Alice and Nick, since decades separated the pair. Laflamme-Snow agrees that ending the relationship was the right thing for Alice to do and required a lot of strength. And, as for this season's love story, the star has a few thoughts on where this might be headed.

According to Laflamme-Snow, one thing that's important for Alice this season is living in the present and not getting — literally — stuck in the past. "After all the heartbreak from season one, I'm proud of my girl Alice," gushed to The List exclusively. "She really goes for it. Well, she's super brave to do that breakup. I mean, that took a lot of strength."

So, while we're still unsure of what the future — or should we say present — holds for Alice, it seems that love will be in the air. In fact, Laflamme-Snow said that there will be "romance for all the different generations of women" in Season 2. We seriously cannot wait. Triple date, anyone?