David & Victoria Beckham's Super Bowl 2024 Uber Eats Commercial Pokes Fun At Her Viral Flub

David and Victoria Beckham are going to the Super Bowl! Well, in a way. The superstar couple has released a teaser for their 2024 Super Bowl commercial; they join the likes of Kate McKinnon and Kris Jenner, who've both released versions of their Super Bowl commercials. For the Beckhams, they used their Uber Eats commercial to show that they can take a joke.

The whole thing is a play on the viral moment from the Beckham's four-part Netflix docuseries when Victoria is trying to talk about how they both grew up working class, but David chimes in, literally from around the corner, telling her to "be honest" and then asking her, "what car did your dad drive you to school in?" She finally somewhat begrudgingly says, "a Rolls-Royce."

And what is Victoria wearing in the Uber Eats commercial? A T-shirt that says, "My dad drives a Rolls-Royce." Then they go on to joke about not knowing what big sporting event their commercial is for — is it the hockey bowl? The big baseball game? We love seeing them having fun with each other.

People are loving David and Victoria's Super Bowl ad

Victoria and David Beckham also tease in this 30-second Uber Eats spot that they'll be joined in their big commercial (apparently this is just the little commercial?) during the Super Bowl by another celebrity — none other than "Jessica Aniston." The ad's angle, besides capitalizing on the Beckham's meme moment from their docuseries, is that you'll probably forget something you want to eat during the Super Bowl, so remember that there's Uber Eats there for whatever you forgot.

The commercial has so far received loads of kudos online — whether a Super Bowl commercial is heart-wrenching or side-splitting, you want it talked about, so Uber Eats and the Beckhams are probably pretty happy. One person commented on Instagram, "I literally can't stand super bowls ads — this is the greatest one I've ever seen," and another said, "This is the best. I laughed so hard at this!"

If you want your own version of Victoria's "My dad drove a Rolls-Royce" T-shirt, you'll have to wait — Victoria's eponymous fashion line made the shirt, which retails for $150, and it's currently sold out. It looks like from the comments that they may want to stock back up — people are loving it! We can't wait to see someone wearing it out in the world.