Who Is Peter Phillips' Girlfriend Lindsay Wallace?

Standing at number 17 in line for the throne, Peter Phillips is the first-born child of Princess Anne and her now ex-husband Captain Mark Phillips. Born in 1977, he grew up with his cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, under the watchful eye of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Though he doesn't have an official title or duties, Phillips has been in and out of the spotlight for most of his life, attending most of the royal events and special occasions with his family. For the last couple of years, he's brought the same plus-one, girlfriend Lindsay Wallace.

After 12 years of marriage, Phillips formally announced in early 2020 that he and his wife, Autumn Phillips, were separating. The divorce was finalized in 2021, and that same year, it was reported Phillips had started spending time with Wallace. The two made their official debut as a couple in 2022, when they attended several different Platinum Jubilee events together.

Phillips and Wallace have continued their romance ever since, popping up at various events throughout the United Kingdom. A friend of Phillips reportedly told Hello! the relationship is still going strong, giving Wallace some of the credit. "Lindsay really is a breath of fresh air." 

Who is Lindsay Wallace?

Though she is mostly seen in England with her boyfriend Peter Phillips, Lindsay Wallace was born and raised in Scotland. She still has a home in Aberdeen, and in fact, when she and Phillips first started dating during the COVID-19 pandemic, her beau took some flack for breaking out of the lockdown to drive 460 miles to see her. He also spent the 2023 Christmas holidays with Wallace in her home country.

Wallace grew up with her parents and siblings. A source told The Sun, "Her father worked in the oil industry and the family pride themselves on being a Christian family who are pillars of their local community." Some have described her father, Keith Wallace, as an "oil tycoon"; in 2013, he sold his start-up business for £10 million. 

Wallace is separated from her husband, Andrew. While she and Phillips supposedly bonded over heartbreak from their broken marriages, rumors have swirled that Wallace has yet to finalize her divorce. No confirmations have been made, but the hold-up could have to do with her two young children; Wallace is a stay-at-home mom.  

Wallace is a single mother

One of the appeals of dating Lindsay Wallace for Peter Phillips could be their shared status of single parenthood. Phillips is the father of two girls, Savannah (born in 2010), and Isla (born in 2012), from his previous marriage to ex-wife Autumn Phillips. Wallace herself is the mother of two children with her ex-husband. 

The two lovebirds have not been seen out in public with all four offspring together, with Wallace keeping her children out of the spotlight. However, the couple have been spotted at family events with Phillips' daughters. At a summer wedding in 2022, Wallace snapped a selfie of the four of them together, everyone smiling and happy. 

Phillips also attended King Charles III's Coronation Concert with Wallace, Savannah, and Isla. Wallace sat between father and daughters, and huddled with Savannah and Phillips' sister Zara Tindall during the event. It was far from the first time Tindall and Wallace had a chat-up.

She has ties to Phillips' sister, Zara Tindall

Peter Phillips and Lindsay Wallace didn't start dating until 2021, but they had known each other for years, thanks to Phillips younger sibling, Zara Tindall. Both Wallace and Tindall were classmates together at Gordonstoun, a boarding and day school in Scotland. The two were in the same year, with Phillips graduating ahead of them, as well as King Charles III.

When Tindall married her husband Mike Tindall in 2011, Wallace was among the wedding guests at the royal event in Scotland. Phillips was married to Autumn Phillips at the time, and there is no indication the two current partners were anything but old acquaintances during the festivities.

As Wallace accompanies Phillips to various public events, like King Charles III's Coronation Concert and Wimbledon in 2023, she has been known to chat with her old friend Tindall while they share boxes and seating reserved for members of the royal family. 

She received approval from the queen and family

As the first grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Phillips had a special relationship with the former monarch. Before her death, according to Town & Country, he shared with Telegraph, "I've always been very close to my grandmother, and we speak often." He's also the grandchild who was responsible for giving the queen her first great-grandchild, via his daughter Savannah. It's only fitting Phillips would want his grandmother to meet the new love of his life, Lindsay Wallace. 

After a year of dating, an introduction was formally made between the head of the royal family and the girlfriend, at a shooting party hosted by the businessman at Windsor. Daily Mail reported the queen was "delighted." 

Wallace was further pulled into the royal loop when she accompanied Phillips to various Platinum Jubilee events, sitting with other members of the royal family in a very public confirmation of their relationship status. A month later, she attended a more private family function, the joint christening of Phillips' nephew Lucas Tindall and Princess Eugenie's son August, where Queen Elizabeth II was also in attendance.