Meet Liev Schreiber's Three Children

Actor Liev Schreiber has had a dynamic, decades-spanning acting career, but his most important role? Being a dad. As he said on "Sway's Universe" in 2017, "It's the best game in the world. There really is nothing better." The "A Small Light" actor shares two children, Alexander "Sasha" Pete Schreiber and Kai Schreiber, with ex-girlfriend Naomi Watts. His eldest was born on July 25, 2007, and Kai on December 13, 2008. On August 27, 2023, Liev became a father for a third time with his wife, Taylor Neisen. The couple named their daughter Hazel Bee Schreiber.

In the wake of their split, Liev and Watts have put their all into co-parenting. "I'm pretty proud of us, corny as that may sound," Watts told Net-a-Porter. "We've made it our absolute priority to be good and kind to each other, and we're absolutely committed to that." While the former couple could not make it work romantically, it is clear they have nothing but respect for one another. As Liev said on "Today," "We'll always be partners, and that's what kind of keeps us together and keeps us amicable. ... We also genuinely care about each other."

While the older two Schreiber children are no strangers to red carpet events and fans have been given a glimpse into their lives, they may become even more visible in the future because they've not said no to their own acting careers. Meet Liev Schreiber's three children. 

Liev Schreiber's children changed him

It's no stretch to say Liev Schreiber's life changed when he first became a father in 2007. "Then [fatherhood] happened, and you realize, of course, how could I do anything else?" he told Hamptons magazine (via People) in a 2009 interview. "The minute that they show up and you hear that first scream, it's a pretty profound feeling. You know that you're in for it — you're in for the best thing that ever happened to you and the hardest work you'll ever do." Schreiber adjusted to fatherhood immediately, and in the years that have followed, he has proven to be a dedicated and loving parent whose children are his priority. 

In a 2018 interview with Bon Appetit, Liev spoke about his fishing and was asked if he could use these skills to live alone on an island. His response showed just how much his kids mean to him. "As long as I had Sasha and Kai with me," the actor responded. "They are my secret weapons. And they are amazing scavengers. Sasha dreams of being stuck on a desert island and having to fend for himself."

Watts has nothing but good things to say about her former partner and has praised who he is as a father. "He's a fantastic dad, a wonderful, wonderful man, and we still want the absolute best for each other," she told Vogue Australia in 2017 (via Us Weekly).

They are not too fancy for hand-me-downs

Liev Schreiber's children have been environmentally aware from a young age, perhaps without even knowing it. Instead of buying all new clothes for his second child, Kai Schreiber, the family used hand-me-downs from their firstborn, Samuel Schreiber. The "Ray Donovan" actor discussed being "Earth smart" in an interview with CBS News' Celebrity Circuit in 2010. "Kai wears Sasha's clothes," Liev said.

Sasha and Kai Schreiber are the children of two celebrities, but they are not always treated to the finer things in life — many would probably be surprised to learn just how normal some aspects of their lives are. "I grew up poor, so I still think I'm poor," Watts told Net-a-Porter. "There are certain things that I cannot spend money on. I will not let my washing be done in a hotel ... I fly economy with my children. Those things don't go away just because you start earning money." In another chat with Vogue Australia in 2017, the publication noted how Watts cycled with her children instead of taking a private car.

The A-list actors' kids also aren't too Hollywood to partake in the age-old tradition of selling some lemonade to neighbors. As Liev recalled on a 2014 episode of "Today," his two youngsters had recently run their own stand. "They made about ten bucks, and they only had a half a pitcher of lemonade, so it was impressive," the proud pop said with a smile. 

Sasha Schreiber protests for what he believes in

Sasha Schreiber has not been shielded from what is happening in the world, and even as a child, he has strong opinions. This was made evident when his parents shared his activism. In 2019, his mother, Naomi Watts, posted a photo on Instagram of Sasha holding up a poster protesting climate change. Other protestors surrounded him. "When the world is dead, where will we go? I'm proud of my boy for taking a stand with his classmates today, using their voices, and demanding a better future for themselves and their children," Watts wrote in the caption. "Change is coming whether we like it or not. A lot of little voices will be heard when they shout together."

In 2019, Liev Schreiber shared with fans how impressed he was with Sasha for standing up for his beliefs. He posted a photo of his eldest child on Instagram holding a hand-drawn poster of trees. "Monkey man reminding us to protect his home ... #climatechange #goodkid #prouddad," the actor captioned the picture. The year before, in 2018, Sasha joined his father and younger sibling Kai Schreiber to participate in the anti-gun violence protest, March For Our Lives, held in New York City. The "Asteroid City" star shared a photo of Sasha and Kai at the protest with their dog Woodrow on Instagram. "The future. Our kids," Liev wrote. 

Sasha Schreiber likes exploring and being outdoors

Sasha Schreiber's love of exploring and the great outdoors began early. On his 10th birthday in 2017, his mom, Naomi Watts, posted a photo of him in the bush on Instagram. "Here he is in Africa, living his dream. His love and understanding of nature is everything," she captioned the picture. Travel has also been a way for Sasha to spend quality time with his dad, and the pair traveled to Nassau, Bahamas, in December 2022.

Liev Schreiber shared a bunch of pictures from their trip, including one of Sasha learning to scuba dive. "Father/Son trip to Nassau @bahamarresorts to get Sasha PADI certified with the pros at #stuartscove. So proud. Like a fish," the "Isle of Dogs" actor wrote on Instagram. In January 2023, Liev posted a video of himself and Sasha from his first open-water dive on Instagram. "Three wrecks, one swim thru, two moray eels, 15 reef sharks being fed by a guy in a chain Mail suit, trumpet fish, and giant sting ray," he wrote.

Sasha shares his love of exploring and the outdoors with his father. The star is an adventurer, with his most recent trips including a visit to Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean Sea, and Antarctica, where his son joined him. Sasha posted a bunch of photos on Instagram in January 2024 from his trip to Antarctica and shared his thoughts in the caption. "Nobody as cold as me," he wrote.

Kai and Sasha Schreiber have shown an interest in acting

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts' children have discovered a love for acting. "It seems they've got the bug," Watts told Net-a-Porter. Some actors are reluctant to let their children follow in their footsteps, but if Kai and Sasha Schreiber decide to give it a shot, Liev will be in their corner.

"Sasha is really into zoology as well, and Kai is an amazing aerial artist," he told ET in 2019 at the premiere of "Isle of Dogs." "So, they've got other things to fall back on. Having said that, you gotta go with what they love, and you gotta go with what really drives them. If that, one day, ends up being acting, then we'll see." In the same chat, his children were asked if they were interested in "getting into the industry," to which Kai replied, "Ya," and Sasha said, "Maybe."

Sasha and Kai may become actors, but their father's work did not inspire them. In a 2019 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," he said, "You're never cool to your own kids. I don't know anybody who is cool to their own kids." He also discussed how he took on animated projects so his kids had something of his to watch — and they still weren't impressed. "My kids, their reaction to them is, 'Yeah, but you're just a voice.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, but I'm one of the main characters!'" he said. "And they're like, 'Yeah, but you're the bad guy.'"

Kai Schreiber is a dancer

Kai Schreiber is all about dance, and parents Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have posted several photos of their kid doing ballet. "Your fierce talent, sharp mind, hilarious wit, and gentle soul fills my heart every day," Watts wrote on Instagram in 2022. In a birthday tribute for Kai in December 2023, Watts mentioned her child's love of dance again. "You are everything to me. I'm so lucky to be your mum. Keep dancing and showing the world your dynamic and glorious spirit," she captioned the Instagram post. 

Watts has made similar comments about Kai before, including praising the youngster's talent in a birthday post in 2021. "Happy birthday, baby (baby forever!),we celebrate your mind, your talent, your wit, and your incredible courage today and every day," Watts wrote on Instagram. Kai's dancing has been brought to the attention of fans on several occasions, but it made headlines in 2020 when Kai, Kai's parents, and Kai's brother Sasha Schreiber filmed a TikTok showing their moves to Doja Cat's song "Say So." Watts posted the clip to her Instagram account to share it with fans. In the caption, she wrote, "The greatest Mother's Day gift? A TikTok!"

Kai also enjoyed a New York Ballet company performance in January 2023, and Watts shared a photo on Instagram from the event. She referred to it as "truly breathtaking," adding, "Kai and I were astounded."

Sasha Schreiber is interested in the culinary arts

Sasha Schreiber appears to have an interest in food. In 2019, Liev Schreiber posted a photo on Instagram of his son baking. "Sasha making gangster pie... #bananacreampie #topchef," he wrote in the caption. In December 2023, Liev showed off his cooking skills with a picture of an omelet. "Nailed it! Deadhead eggs for Sasha," he captioned the Instagram post. 

The "Spotlight" actor wants his children to know how to care for themselves and has encouraged them to cook from a young age. This includes making sushi (or trying to, at least). "Holding a child's attention once he's got rice stuck all over his fingers, it ain't easy," Liev told Bon Appetit in an interview in 2018. "We also love making pasta, and we're trying to master sushi. We're not really good at it yet, but we've been practicing a lot. The hard part is the rice, though." Liev has used his skills for good, including helping prepare food for the World Central Kitchen to aid Ukrainian refugees.

Naomi Watts may have also benefited from her children's skills in the kitchen because, on Mother's Day in 2022, she made an Instagram post and told fans how she was waiting for "the promised annual breakfast in bed (no delightful or scary sounds coming from the kitchen... yet!)." 

The Schreiber kids' education is top priority

Education is celebrated in the Watts-Schreiber households. In 2022, Naomi Watts posted an Instagram photo of her blended family for Kai Schreiber's graduation. "Congratulations to Kai. Class of 2022 #modernfamily #graduation," she captioned the post.

Kai and Sasha Schreiber attend school in New York City. Ensuring they remain in one school and have stability has not been without its challenges, partly because Liev Schreiber works in Los Angeles. "The kids are at that age where you kind of want them to have a continuity with friends and school," he said on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show. "You have to put them first at a certain point, and the back-and-forth thing can get tough. It's hard on me most, I think." During his chat, the actor did say he stays in contact with his kids via FaceTime.

While it's no longer a schooling concern, the COVID-19 pandemic created change and presented learning challenges. In an interview with "Live Kelly & Ryan," Watts said, "It's not been super easy, especially in the beginning." Being a mother with school-age children is not easy, even under normal circumstances. "Moms are always multitasking and struggling to get their kids ready for school, making sure they're eating properly, and usually racing around trying to get things done during the day," Watts told Social Life Magazine in 2018.

Sasha and Kai Schreiber understand the importance of giving back

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have raised their children to care about others. Watts and Liev are dedicated to giving back, and their kids will likely inherit the same charitable traits. "This time of year — now that I have two small kids — [we're] finding ways to teach them about generosity and compassion," Liev said at the Chabad's Children of Chernobyl benefit (via Page Six) in 2013. Liev also spoke about taking his children to the Association to Benefit Children in Harlem. "They basically got to play with the kids for two hours, and it was amazing. To do things like this, particularly when they're related to kids, as we say in the Jewish faith, is a 'mitzvah.'"

The "A Perfect Man" actor was honest about Sasha and Kai Schreiber initially being unenthusiastic about donating their toys to those in need, but they ended up having "a great time playing" and were looking forward to doing it again. For Sasha's 16th birthday in July 2023, Watts praised him for his compassion. "Beyond proud of the young man you've become with the most wonderful spirit, fantastic sense of humor, and kind, compassionate soul," she wrote on Instagram. But both of Naomi Watts' kids have inspired her to help others, specifically children. "Working with kids, for me as a mum, it's a natural thing to want to do," she told The Daily Telegraph (via Daily Mail) in 2018 about working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

‌Hazel Bee Schreiber's birth has brought a whole lot of love

Liev Schreiber and his wife, Taylor Neisen, had an eventful 2023. In July of that year, the two married after six years together. The following month brought the birth of their first child. Liev was excited to share the news of his third child with fans. 

In September 2023, he announced her arrival on Instagram. He posted a photo of her tiny hand and shared his thoughts in the caption. "So happy that Hazel Bee is finally here. She arrived early in the morning of August 27th and has been a dream every day since," the actor wrote. "Mom and baby are both super happy and healthy. Thanks to all for the love and support." The birth of Hazel Bee Schreiber was met with love, and Naomi Watts (Schreiber's ex-girlfriend and the mother to his two eldest children) commented on the announcement with a sweet message.

"We love baby Hazel!!" she wrote on the post. While there has been little information about how Hazel Bee's older siblings are adjusting to having a new baby in the family, Watts' use of "we" seems to suggest they also love having her around.