Who Is Jim Jordan's Wife Polly?

Correction 2/5/2024: A previous version of this article inaccurately described Jim Jordan as a U.S. Senator. He is a member of United States Congress.

A lot has been said and reported about Jim Jordan, the man Donald Trump spoke to before the January 6 riot. That's because the U.S. congressman is someone who knows how to make headlines. He's a huge supporter of Trump, who is the first president in the history of the country to be indicted on criminal charges

The former college wrestling champion also has quite a controversial past in Congress. Jordan was instrumental in trying to delay the certification of President Joe Biden's electoral win in 2020 and has also aggressively investigated the president's son Hunter Biden and his business dealings. He's also someone who doesn't like to lose. He's never lost an election in his life (at least as of this writing). However, his wrestling record in high school was 150-1.

Outside of Washington, D.C., Jim is a husband, father, and grandfather. Together with his wife Polly Jordan, they have four children and three grandchildren as of January 2024. And while there isn't a day that Jim isn't making waves in Congress or headlines for some of the things he says and does in the world of politics, not much is known about his wife, Polly. That's mostly because she's someone who would rather stay as far away as possible from the spotlight.

Polly Jordan was Jim Jordan's high school sweetheart

Jim Jordan married his high school sweetheart Polly Jordan back in 1985. He was only 13 and she was 14 when they first met. Jim said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that he met Polly through her brothers, who were also wrestlers then. "I decided it would be a lot more fun wrestling with Polly than her brothers," he said.

The couple has four children: Isaac Jordan, Benjamin Jordan, Jessie Jordan, and Rachel Jordan, and three grandchildren. Their sons Isaac and Jordan followed in their father's famous footsteps and are wrestlers themselves at the University of Wisconsin. Their daughter Jessie also played golf at the University of Iowa.

Polly has worked as a public school art teacher. Ho unlike her husband, Polly doesn't have much of a social media presence. Even though she does have an official X (formerly Twitter) account, Polly keeps her political musings private. However, Jim has made it clear on his end that his wife is and has always been one of the most important people in his life.

Polly Jordan keeps her politics private

Back in 2010, Jim Jordan made it no secret that his wife Polly Jordan has been his number-one love since day one. Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary together, the Ohio rep wrote on Facebook, "My wife Polly and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage today. It seems like just yesterday ... So blessed to have her and our four children. Thanks for all of the well wishes!" That was one of the few times he's mentioned his wife's name in public.

Even though Polly has joined her husband on the campaign trail and at rallies, she's never given a public interview. While Polly is someone who keeps a very low profile out of the spotlight, her husband Jim is someone who is still traveling the country in the hopes that he can unite Americans from both sides. He told CNN in an interview, "I think we are a conservative-center-right party. I think I'm the guy who can help unite that. My politics are entirely consistent with where conservatives and Republicans are across the country."

While Jim is still working on keeping a winning record on the job, it's safe to say that his 1-0 record in his marriage with Polly is one of his favorite accomplishments.