What We Know About RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein's Pricey Divorce Settlement With Lenny

Divorce is never easy, and in the case of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein, divorce isn't cheap, either. Reality TV fans will recognize the beaming blonde couple from the drama-riddled spinoff "Real Housewives of Miami." As passionate as Lenny and Lisa seemed to be during their time on the "Real Housewives" franchise, the TV star couple hit a rough patch that no amount of Miami beach and sunshine could cure. According to sources with Page Six, in May 2022, Lenny was spotted in a Miami nightclub partying with a model, and Lisa was livid.

Weeks after the nightclub incident, Lisa and Lenny announced they were getting a divorce. Court documents for the celeb divorce obtained by the U.S. Sun stated that the high-profile marriage was "irretrievably broken" and that the couple were set on going their separate ways. Lenny was the one who filed for the divorce, and it took everyone by surprise, including his former partner Lisa. She explained to TV Insider that she never expected the split. "I wasn't prepared for that," Lisa admitted. "There are people who have said that I knew this was coming. I absolutely did not know this was coming."

So how much money is this pricey divorce settlement going to cost the reality stars? While the actual price has yet to be disclosed, court documents show that the settlement could be in the millions.

Lenny owes Lisa for moving expenses

In the court documents for the divorce settlement, plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein noted that he had signed a prenuptial agreement with his estranged wife Lisa. Because of the terms of the agreement, Lenny is obliged to pay Lisa for spousal support. The ex-couple share two children, Logan and Elle, so custody was also a discussion point. Lenny asked for their children to have their time split between either parent. He also added that he wanted to provide as much financially to his children as possible.

Despite Lenny's eagerness to financially support his ex-wife and their kids, he got a little wishy-washy when it came to other money concerns in the divorce settlement. In October 2023, Page Six received court documents that Lenny tried to finagle his way out of paying $125,000 towards Lisa's moving expenses. The Real Housewife told courts that she spent around $80,000 to furnish her new home after moving out of the couple's shared home, and she spent even more to move some of her previous belongings to her new place.

This multimillion-dollar home might cost Lenny

With Lenny and Lisa Hochstein splitting up, the couple decided to live in separate homes. It looks like Lisa already has her heart set on a new home that is, according to her, the best place to live and raise her children.

In an episode of "RHOM," the blonde bombshell was seen touring potential homes. She fell in love with one particularly beautiful — and overwhelmingly pricey — condo. The ritzy home is a 5000-square-foot paradise, and Lisa quickly decided this was the house for her.

Viewers around the world let out a collective gasp when they heard the price tag for the gorgeous home — it's more than $5 million or a whopping $32,000 per month. Although Lisa admitted she was at a loss on how she would be able to afford the expensive home on her own, she hinted that it could still possibly happen in the future if her divorce settlement goes well. "I don't know because it's really up to — ultimately Lenny's decision," Lisa stated. "This would be part of a settlement."