Billie Eilish's Snoozy 2024 Grammys Performance Was Saved By This Subtle Nod

Billie Eilish brought her trademark airy gentle style to her performance of "What Was I Made For?" from "Barbie" at the 2024 Grammys. It was, however, a bit of a low-key performance as she sang from atop a pink stool while accompanied by her brother Finneas, particularly when compared to Dua Lipa's opening performance, where she danced on and around a steel cage. But what made Eilish's somewhat staid performance really stand out — for those in the know — was her outfit and the tie-in it had with "Barbie." Eilish has been known to wear head-turning looks at the Grammys before, but we never would have guessed she'd come out for her performance wearing a retro style pink headscarf and lime green and cream tweed jacket with pink edging over a lime green dress.

If you didn't know what Eilish's outfit was in reference to, you'd be excused for thinking it was a bit of an odd choice. But if you're a Barbie fan, you know that she's wearing the outfit of none other than 1965's Poodle Parade Barbie.

Billie Eilish's wardrobe homage to Barbie extended to the red carpet

Billie Eilish's Instagram followers had a hint as to what the singer would be wearing at the Grammys. On the day of the awards show, she posted a picture of her inspiration for the evening to Instagram. She didn't confirm in the post itself that's what she'd be wearing, but fans flooded the comments with their guesses and their hopes for that to be her Grammys look — and they got their wish!

Eilish's nod to the "Barbie" movie extended to her red carpet look as well. She wore a varsity-style bomber jacket with pink sleeves and the word "Barbie" embroidered on the chest, and it was complete with heart shaped buttons. She seems to have taken a page from Margot Robbie's book — as Robbie promoted the movie "Barbie," pretty much all of her outfits were modeled after Barbie doll looks.

Eilish was nominated for five Grammys for "What Was I Made For?." It had already won Best Song Written for Visual Media by the time Eilish performed it on the Grammys stage.