Blue Ivy Looks So Grown Up At The 2024 Grammys

What would the Grammys be without Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Between the two of them, they have over 50 Grammys, and in 2024, Jay-Z won the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award. He was joined on stage for his acceptance speech by his eldest daughter — the beautiful and talented Blue Ivy Carter. Blue Ivy turned 12 less than a month before the Grammys ceremony, and she looked all grown up in her white gown paired with white platform boots, a white clutch, and her hair worn long and down, nearly to her waist.

People on X, formerly known as Twitter, couldn't believe Blue Ivy's look, and there were a lot of jokes made. Not at Blue Ivy's expense — the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they wouldn't dare! — but at how old they felt after seeing how grown up she looked, on stage next to her dad. One person wrote, "1) Blue Ivy is so beautiful 2) I think I need a stronger retinol after seeing her so grown up." Another said, "Blue Ivy will be 30 and I'll still be like 'when did she get so big?'" 

Then, there were those who noted how much Blue Ivy looked like Beyoncé. One posted, "She's growing into a beautiful young lady. She looks just like her mother did at that age." We're right there with them!

Jay-Z referenced how grown up Blue Ivy Carter is

As Jay-Z started his speech with Blue Ivy Carter by his side, he reminded people that he used to call his Grammy trophy a "sippy cup for Blue." But then he said what everyone was thinking, "Blue's grown now, she doesn't take sippy cups," as reported by People. He also noted that Blue Ivy even has her own Grammy — she won for Best Music Video for "Brown Skin Girl" in 2021.

Blue Ivy has been having a moment over the past several months. Most notably, during the summer of 2023, she came out on stage a number of times to perform with her mother during the "Renaissance" tour. People loved seeing her then, and we loved seeing her looking so grown up sharing the stage with her dad.

Jay-Z brought up another "young lady" during his speech as he threw a little shade. As he talked about knowing that subjectivity played a role in who won a Grammy and who didn't, he said, "I don't want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than everyone and never won album of the year." The young lady in question was not Blue Ivy, but rather his wife, Beyoncé, who was seated in the crowd wearing a white cowboy hat. Beyoncé made history at the 2023 Grammys when she took her trophy count to 32, making her the most decorated female artist of all time.

The family was wonderfully color-coordinated

E! News posted photos of Jay-Z and Blue Ivy at the 2024 Grammy Awards on X, formerly known as Twitter, captioning them, "We're crazy in love with this family moment. Blue Ivy joins Jay-Z onstage after he accepts the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award." 

Fans adored her new look, and Access Hollywood later posted a video describing her Grammy gown as an "off-the-shoulder white mini dress with a princess-like draped skirt," which the outlet stated made her look "all grown-up." The fans responded to her wonderful look, with one person remarking, "Blue looks so beautiful like a Disney princess. She looks absolutely gorgeous." While some cautioned that she shouldn't be rushed into adulthood and should be allowed to continue enjoying her childhood, they couldn't deny how beautiful she looked.

Ivy and her parents were amazingly color-coordinated at the event, with Jay-Z in all black and Blue Ivy carrying a cream-colored clutch that matched her dress and contrasted her dad's ensemble, as well as braids and matching platform boots. In the audience, a thrilled Beyoncé also wore colors that reflected Jay-Z and Ivy's appearance, rocking a jacket with black and silver checks and a cream-colored cowboy hat. Clearly, the trio put a lot of thought into how they would present themselves, and all three shined at the awards show.