Donald & Melania Trump Hint They're More United Than Critics Think In New Photo

The state of Donald and Melania Trump's marriage has been a subject of speculation pretty much from the time they exchanged vows in early 2005. The murmurings grew even louder after the former first couple left the White House. Between Donald's many legal woes — including a conviction of sexual abuse and defamation against E. Jean Carroll — and Melania's desire for a life outside the spotlight — it seemed like there might be trouble in Mar-a-Lago paradise. Melania's distance from Donald on the 2024 campaign trail hasn't helped, though sources claim she is simply protecting the privacy of their son, Barron Trump. 

However, a recent photo suggests the romance may not be over for MAGA's favorite duo. In a February 5, 2024, Instagram post — which has since been deleted — Israeli model Noy Tawil shared a snap of herself next to the Trumps at a formal Mar-a-Lago function. The couple were smiling broadly for the camera, and a close look at the shot revealed their hands intertwined. It was a marked change from the many awkward Melania Trump moments seen by millions over the years, including a number of incidents in which the former FLOTUS brushed off her husband's attempts to hold her hand. It was also the first time Melania had been seen with Donald since the funeral of her mother, Amalija Knavs, several weeks earlier. 

The critics are being shot down

The newest photo of the Trumps in their formalwear appeared to show them as a strong team. However, reposts of the shot on X (formerly Twitter) included comments that suggested the photo was (forgive the expression) fake news. Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of Meidas Touch, suggested, "Melania [Trump] hasn't been seen at a social event with [Donald] Trump in so long that the propagandists are resorting to photoshopped pics to try and fool people they are together." Former NBCUniversal exec Mike Sington said, "Melania Trump surfaces for a party at Mar-a-Lago, appears alongside Trump and a Kardashian lookalike." A responder joked, "The smile on her face while in the presence of her husband is a dead give-away that this is a photoshopped pic." A follower agreed, "Nothing about that photo looks real!! LOL."

Others were far kinder to the Trumps, pointing out Melania was still processing a difficult family loss. Conservative journalist Laura Loomer chided, "Her mother just died. Before that she was taking care of her mother who was dying from cancer. She is grieving. Let her be in peace." Still, it's worth noting that Donald and Melania Trump seemed disconnected at her mother's funeral, an optic that didn't look promising for a couple hoping to become the First Family again. Appearing together at their homebase may well have been their way of pushing back against all the "Melania's in hiding" and "Melania can't stand Donald" speculation.