What We Know About Kari Lake's Daughter, Ruby

Kari Lake has been making a lot of waves in the political world. But at home, she's a proud wife and mother. She's been married to her husband, Jeff Halperin, since 1998, and together they have two children, Ruby Halperin and Leo Halperin. But it's her daughter Ruby who has been getting a lot of attention for joining her mother out on the campaign trail and even giving her the kind of advice that some of Kari's political advisors probably wouldn't dare give her. 

Ruby might only be a young adult, but she's already made a positive impact on her mother's campaign. But Ruby has also been her mother's greatest love since day one. Back on her 18th birthday, Kari shared a heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram with a post that said, "18 years ago right now I was gazing into the most beautiful eyes this world has ever known — the eyes of my firstborn. My heart grew a million-fold when my sweet, dear Ruby came into the world making me a mother — the single, greatest journey of my life."

Here's a little more about Ruby, her life, and why there's a solid chance she might be following in her mother's footsteps.

Ruby Lake is her mother's biggest supporter

Even though there are a lot of children of political figures who are active on social media, Kari Lake's daughter Ruby Halperin isn't one of them. She has a Facebook account, but it's private. However, her LinkedIn account states that she still lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and that she has worked as an Executive Assistant for Turning Point USA since October 2021. Before then she attended Xavier College Prep in Phoenix and was a star athlete on the varsity track and field team. Unfortunately, the pandemic back in 2020 curbed Halperin's dreams of being a professional athlete. Kari shared during a campaign stop in Nevada, "My daughter said to me, 'I think I could have been a good track runner. I really think I could have done well, Mom. But Covid just ended athletics.'"

Ruby might be young, but she's not afraid to voice her opinions and even her doubts with her mother. While on John Solomon's "Just The News" podcast, Kari said that it was her daughter Ruby who urged her to release the recording of former Arizona Republican Chairman Jeff DeWit offering her money to quit the political world. Kari said, "If we can't be ethical, honest, pro-America Republicans, then I don't think you should be in charge of the party."

Ruby might be following in her mother's footsteps

Kari Lake has also said that one of the main reasons why she's fighting for a better America is because she wants to ensure that her two children are given the bright future she thinks they deserve. With her kids Ruby Halperin and Leo Halperin on the campaign stage with her back on January 7th, 2024, Ruby shared an Instagram post and captioned it with, "They're almost ready to leave the house and set off on their own in Joe Biden's America. They're concerned about their future. I'm worried about it too. A strong country is the best inheritance we can leave our next generation. I'm running for Senate to make sure they get it."

That said, there's a very good chance that the public will see more of Ruby in the future. Back in November 2023, Ruby joined her mother during a Veterans Day Parade in Prescott, Arizona. Seeing how Ruby has such an invested interest in her mother's work, there's seemingly a chance that she might also follow in her political footsteps, too.