Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Coordinate 2024 Super Bowl Outfits To Send Secret Message

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have made quite the entrance at the Super Bowl, turning heads despite arriving separately. It seems they've decided to let their outfits do the talking, and we're definitely listening! 

Kelce, known for being quite the fashionista, didn't disappoint. He arrived in an all-black bejeweled look that matched Swift perfectly. He sported a shimmering black two-piece suit and a casual black tee underneath, complete with necklaces and earrings, topped off with dark shades and a sleek designer bag. 

Swift, meanwhile, stunned in a corset-style crop top and black jeans, perfectly styled with jewel-adorned slits. Her look was crowned with a show-stopping jeweled football-shaped purse, proudly featuring the number 87. It was all topped off with a curve-ball red jacket slung over her shoulder. And — you guessed it — it's a Chief's jacket, signaling her support in the most stylish way possible. All in all, their whole aesthetic screamed love and support, and we're absolutely here for it.

Taylor Swift's entire outfit cheers Travis Kelce on

If you think Taylor Swift came in full cheerleader mode, wait until you check out her squad. Thanks to the NFL's official account on X, formerly known as Twitter, we know that the pop star arrived with Blake Lively and Ice Spice. We also caught the "60" on her jacket — a subtle nod to the Chiefs' founding year, perhaps? We've got to point out Swift's earrings, twinning with Kelce's in a clear sign that these two are in sync.

Swift even introduced Ice Spice to Travis' brother, Jason Kelce, as seen on the Eagles Nation X account, sweetly displaying their friendship and her closeness to the Kelces. It's clear that the singer is here to support Travis, and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. 

The only major difference between Travis and Swift's entrance is their demeanors. While Swift entered with a lot of pep to her step, Travis had a cool, collected demeanor. The black shades made his eyes unreadable, but it made one thing clear: Travis Kelce came to win.

Taylor Swift's Super Bowl jewelry is to die for

Taylor Swift's matching outfit with Travis Kelce was a highlight of her Super Bowl look, but there are a ton of details in her rings, bracelets, and necklaces as well. Take a closer look, and you'll spot the bracelets on the singer's wrists, including a standout friendship bracelet on her right hand. This isn't just any friendship bracelet; it's woven with diamonds and features both initials — a special touch from Kelce. This gift is even sweeter when you remember when Kelce tried — and failed — to give Swift a bracelet with his phone number. 

But the personal touches don't stop there. Swift also wore a custom necklace designed by Stephanie Gottlieb, a 14-karat gold piece with a pendant in the number 87. It's impossibly sweet just how much time the "Cruel Summer" singer clearly put into picking jewelry to support Kelce.

Taylor Swift's NFL wardrobe has a number of Travis-inspired accessories

Taylor Swift's gameday outfits have become a series of creative and fashionable tributes to Travis Kelce and the Chiefs. While none of her previous fashion choices have been as loudly supportive as her dazzling Super Bowl ensemble, we've got a couple of Kelce-inspired accessories we'd like to borrow from Swift.

One of our top picks is definitely the jacket she wore during the Chiefs' December 31 face-off against the Cincinnati Bengals. Swift mirrored Kelce's style with a cream and black jacket, and we're not quite over the look. The singer's jacket game was also strong during the January 14 game against the Miami Dolphins. She chose a vibrant red puffer jacket, boldly featuring Kelce's jersey number on the back in a hard-to-miss shout-out. Swift's relationship with Kelce is quickly becoming everything fans have wished for the singer. Now that Kelce has secured the Super Bowl ring, here's to hoping he's got plans for another type of ring.