Kylie Kelce's Relatability Snags The Spotlight From Taylor Swift At The 2024 Super Bowl

Travis Kelce's sister-in-law Kylie Kelce showed up to the 2024 Super Bowl in an outfit that sent her relatability levels through the roof. The laidback football fan seems to have a rule about keeping it casual when it comes to what she wears to football games, and she's not going to break it, even when she makes an appearance at the biggest game of the year. She is all about wearing what she wants and whatever feels comfortable.

This year's Super Bowl is a heated match between reigning champs Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. As the tight end for the Chiefs, Travis is down on the field, bringing his A-game. To show her support, his sister-in-law chose to wear something that repped his team while also staying true to her style of wearing whatever comes to mind. In true Kylie fashion, the Kelce family member decided to rock a layered look dedicated to her famous family members. She wore a red long-sleeve sweater, in honor of the Chiefs, but there was nothing Chief-related on the sweater. Instead, there was a University of Cincinnati logo plastered on the front. The subtle style was all Kylie, who has yet to wear Chiefs apparel to any football game.

She remains an Eagles fan at heart

While her brother-in-law's girlfriend Taylor Swift was spotted in a surprisingly affordable Chiefs jacket at the 2024 Super Bowl, Kylie took her own path and wore something that was red but ... not exactly Chiefs-related. Kylie is a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and seems set on not wearing actual Chiefs gear no matter the occasion. She supported Travis and her family members in her style, though. She told People that she was wearing an "Alright, Nah" tee beneath her Cincinnati sweatshirt, a nod to the Kelce brothers.

Kylie admitted to the outlet that her outfit was just something she decided to throw on before she headed out of the door. "I would love to tell you that I have a game day fit planned out, but I am a very last-minute person," she admitted.

Fans were impressed with Kylie's look for the Super Bowl and found the outfit to be incredibly likable. "Kylie Kelce's commitment to never wearing actual Chiefs gear is my favorite thing about her," one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote. Another user cheered on her dedication to the Eagles, writing, "Kylie Kelce REFUSES to root for any team other than the Eagles and I'm SO HERE FOR IT."