Donald Trump Jr. Proves His Immaturity With Super Bowl 2024 Joke That's So Bizarre

Donald Trump has many supporters on his side, but perhaps none more fervent than his namesake son. Donald Trump Jr. has been actively stumping for his dad on the 2024 campaign trail ever since the former president announced his candidacy. When he's not attending rallies, he's speaking out on social media about all the wrongs in America that Trump will put right if re-elected. Even Super Bowl LVIII was an opportunity for Don Jr. to get a word in for his father — though it was more of a junior-high-level dig than a serious political statement.

On the heels of the 2024 Super Bowl, Donald Trump took aim at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on his Truth Social platform. Pointing out that he was key to the passage of the Music Modernization Act that allowed Swift and other artists more freedom over their works, Trump argued there was "no way" she could come out in support of re-electing Joe Biden. As for Kelce, the former POTUS is a fan, "though he may be a Liberal, and probably can't stand me!" Inspired by his father's opinion of the pop superstar, Don Jr. ordered a special treat for his family's Super Bowl snacking: cookies featuring a photoshopped image of Swift wearing the famous red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap. "The kids seemed to like our Super Bowl cookies," Don Jr. posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Took some creative license but I like it."

Donald Trump Jr. likes to say it with baked goods

Donald Trump Jr. got mixed reviews for his Super Bowl cookie assortment featuring Taylor Swift appearing to have joined Team MAGA. Some praised him for the zinger: "Love it! The Swifties gonna pounce!" raved a follower on X. Detractors rolled their eyes. "Keep crying bro. Taylor Swift doesn't even know your name," commented one. Another referenced Donald Sr.'s comment about Swift owing him allegiance. "Oh how sad," they said. "You rail against @taylorswift13 but would [be ecstatic] to get her endorsement. Pathetic."

This isn't the first time Don Jr. has used baked goods to make a political statement. Back in 2017, some months after his father took office, he posted a picture of himself posing with Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and holding a giant chocolate chip cookie with an icing image of Barack Obama, resembling his famous "Hope" campaign. Per The Independent, the former first son explained the cookie was an early 40th birthday gift from friends. "And what birthday is complete without an Obama cake?" he wrote. The joke came off to many as tasteless, particularly in light of the fact Trump Sr. was a major player in the Obama birth certificate controversy, casting doubt on his qualifications to hold office.

No word yet on whether Swift has seen the pastries with her likeness, but she's not likely to comment on them. Even if they hadn't been eaten by now, she is probably too busy celebrating the Chiefs' win to care.