Jason Kelce's Super Bowl Outfit Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Back in January, Jason Kelce made headlines as he supported his brother (and Taylor Swift's boyfriend), Travis Kelce, during the post-season. As the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Buffalo Bills, Jason removed his shirt in celebration after Travis scored a crucial touchdown. While Jason was watching the action from a climate-controlled luxury box, he later took over the internet after he climbed into the stands. Due to the frigid temps, his wife, Kylie Kelce, sent her husband a message to come back inside, since he was clearly not dressed for the weather.

For the 2024 Super Bowl, Jason's attire attracted a lot of attention again as he showcased his support for his brother's team. Jason sported a red "Big Yeti" T-shirt paired with plaid overalls featuring the Kansas City Chiefs' logo. Fans immediately thought the straps were a strategic decision and that Kylie wanted to ensure her husband kept his shirt on during the game. One person even hypothesized that Jason might have wanted to ditch all his clothes had Travis scored a touchdown. "I wonder if Jason told Kylie that he would one up his Bills experience and streak across the Super Bowl field ... and this was Kylie's way of keeping clothes on him," a fan posted on X the platform formerly known as Twitter. Well, if so, it seems the straps did the trick.

Jason Kelce kept his shirt on for this game

Whether or not it was due to the influence of the overalls, Jason Kelce didn't remove his shirt as he watched his brother's team win the 2024 Super Bowl. Despite all the fan speculation that Jason would be tempted to take off his top to celebrate, it appears his behavior might have been very specific to the location of that previous game. "I feel like taking your shirt off is a Buffalo Bills thing, right?" Jason informed Us Weekly. "I wanted to take everything off and be out there with the fans."

In addition, Jason's Super Bowl t-shirt featured a special shoutout to his brother, Travis Kelce. Jason and Travis are known for heartwarming brotherly moments, and the "Big Yeti" lettering was a reference to Travis' basketball nickname. Previously, Jason wore the shirt to cheer for Travis while the Kansas City Chiefs played in the AFC Championship game, a week after his viral t-shirt removing incident. 

Like his brother Jason, Travis also made a splash with his game-day ensemble. While he was on his way to the stadium, Travis wore a black Amiri suit decked out in glittering sequins and dark sunglasses. Since the Super Bowl was held in Las Vegas, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end wanted to make a big style statement — even if it didn't generate quite as much fan buzz as Jason's outfit.

Jason Kelce's outfit somehow got even wilder post-game

If you thought Jason Kelce's outfit at the Super Bowl couldn't get any more eccentric — think again. After the Chiefs secured a close win of 25-22 against the 49ers, Jason dialed his red-and-gold look up a notch when he, along with his family and friends, went out to celebrate the victory. Jason, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and more hit up the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl wrapped. The stars were on full display on the dance floor, with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany also spotted on the scene. But it was Jason whose outfit really had everyone talking.

The eldest Kelce brothers didn't ditch his jumper when he and his crew went to the club. Instead, he took them to a whole new level by pairing the over-the-top overalls with a matching luchador wrestling mask. The only part of his face that was visible were his eyes and, of course, his trademark beard. The look was iconic, to say the least, and Jason seemed to be the life of the party. The rowdy Philadelphia Eagles player was seen dancing the night away, hands in the air, and having a great time even into the morning hours.