The Untold Truth Of Lala Kent

Before Lala Kent was stirring things up as a hostess at SUR on Bravo's hit reality series Vanderpump Rules, she lived a modest life as Lauryn Kent in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hailing from an extremely close, traditional family — her parents have been married for over 35 years — Kent relocated to Beverly Hills and soon made a name for herself as the no-nonsense, outspoken — sometimes flirtatious — hostess on reality television.

Being a part of a hit reality show soon changed Kent's life very quickly. She began getting recognized by fans, her private life became very public, she garnered several lustrous career opportunities, and she met the man of her dreams. But while it all seemed good on the outside, Kent experienced a setback or two during her tenure as Lisa Vanderpump's employee. From family deaths, public feuds with celebrities, and breakups, there is no shortage of drama when it comes to Kent. This is the untold truth of Lala Kent.

She's coming to a theater near you

When she's not serving up the drama at SUR, Lala Kent is in full-on actress mode. In 2018, the reality star went back to school, starring as a sorority co-ed being hunted by a serial killer in the horror film The Row. In her first leading role, Kent played Riley Cole, a student who enters sorority life at the worst time possible.

In a July 2018 interview with Refinery29, Kent explained, "In The Row, I tried really hard to be an actress and not just be some girl on a reality TV show." It seems Kent enjoyed her acting experience because she soon joined the cast of three other films — Vault, 10 Minutes Gone, and a sequel to The Row – and she's not afraid to brag about her accomplishments.

As Bustle reported in October 2018, the hostess-turned-actress tweeted, "While some of u try to drag me down, I'll b over here celebrating my accomplishments. Filmed w Bruce Willis. Played opposite Samira Wiley in 'The Vault'. Now The Row is coming back!"

She's not afraid to go against "Fofty" Cent

On Friday, April 26, 2019, rapper 50 Cent shared a clip of Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules where she discussed her relationship with her film producer fiancé, Randall Emmett, on his Instagram, with what some would call shaming remarks towards Kent. Kent clapped back in the comments, questioning 50 Cent's "thug" status.

As The Cut reported, this did not sit well with 50 Cent, who then posted screenshots of his alleged text message exchange with Emmett, who was apparently desperate to win the celeb's forgiveness... while accidentally calling him "Fofty" throughout the process. The rapper demanded that Emmett deliver the 1 million dollars he owed him — or else.

The feud grew so big that celebrities like Chrissy Teigen became involved, tweeting, "I never want 50 Cent to be mad at me," and "Please love me, fofty." Meanwhile, 50 continued to troll the couple online. Thankfully, Emmett repaid the rapper the money he was owed, and, at the time of this writing, the feud seems to have died down.

Her relationship with her fiance moved fast

Lala Kent has always been wildly outspoken and honest about her life while on Vanderpump Rules, and that includes the gritty details of her relationships. She opened up on the Vanderpump Rules After Show about how she and fiancé Randall Emmett met, explaining that he was like a "total fangirl" when he saw her in SUR during the show's fourth season. She was approached about being in a movie called The Row, and the film producer soon began showering her with gifts.

According to Kent, Emmett pursued her for two months until she agreed to have dinner with him. She admitted she let him "hit it" on the first night and that he gifted her with a Range Rover the very next day.

Their relationship moved even quicker after that, with Emmett giving Kent a promise ring and introducing her to his family soon after. Kent said that he's "so different" than anyone else she had dated and that she knew she loved him at first sight. When you know, you know!

But is there trouble in paradise for the couple?

Fans speculated that the relationship between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett was in trouble after the couple went through a very public feud with rapper 50 Cent. While Emmett failed to defend his lady love to the rapper, the reality TV star deleted some photos of her and her fiancé shortly following the debacle. However, Kent soon shut down breakup rumors by announcing that she and Emmett had officially set a wedding date.

As People reported in May 2019, Kent took to her Instagram Stories to share, "So anyone that wants me to do anything on April 18, I officially can't." She continued, "Because that's the day I get to marry my baby," adding, "We got a date! Yeah, buddy!"

The announcement came just two weeks after Kent told The Jenny McCarthy Show that wedding planning was taking a lot longer than expected. So, it's safe to say that a little drama with 50 Cent may have helped pushed the couple to finally set the date for when they will become husband and wife.

She suffered a devastating loss

To call Lala Kent a "daddy's girl" would be an understatement. The reality star was extremely close to her father, Kent Burningham, and her world came to a crashing halt when he passed away in April 2018. Kent shared the devastating news on her Instagram, writing, "Rest in paradise, my sweet dad. The world seems to be spinning much slower. I've never felt so lost. I've never felt so sad. My world has crumbled."

The death of her father hit Kent hard, and, as she told Bravo's Vanderpump Rules After Show in April 2019, she struggles with knowing her dad is "just a memory now." She went on to explain that she is still searching for healthy ways to mourn her father's death.

Kent told The Jenny McCarthy Show in 2018 that fiancé Randall Emmett asked her father's permission to marry her before he passed. "That makes me so happy, because I am struggling with the fact that ... I won't have a dad to see me have babies or get married," she said. "So that just means a lot to me that Rand did that before he passed."

She's struggled with alcoholism

In December 2018, Lala Kent told People that she was 50 days sober after she and fiancé Randall Emmett decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. However, the reality star eventually revealed that the pact wasn't the only reason she gave up drinking, as she revealed she was an alcoholic.

As reported by People in March 2019, Kent stated on her Instagram, "Five months ago, I came to the realization that I am an alcoholic." The SUR hostess explained that she was closely following the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program. Kent stated, "I always say if you don't have to be sober, I wouldn't recommend it, but me — as someone who does need to be sober — being in my right frame of mind every single day is truly incredible."

As Us Weekly reported in April 2019, Kent credits the AA program for helping her mourn the death of her father, Kent Burningham, saying, "The program has allowed me to sit down and remember my dad in a clear frame of mind and remember what he brought to my life, what he meant to me, what he taught me."

She took a break from her relationship before getting engaged

Lala Kent has always gushed about her man Randall Emmett to her co-stars on Vanderpump Rules, never shying away from divulging the dirty details of their sex life or all the ways he spoils her with materialistic things. So viewers were shocked to learn in Season 7 of the hit Bravo show, which likely started filming around June 2018, that Kent and Emmett actually took a break from their relationship prior to their engagement.

In one episode of the reality series, Kent broke down in tears as she opened up to Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Brittany Cartwright about taking a break from Emmett, before telling the girls that he took back her Gucci slides to punish her. She then went on to say that, while Emmett would no longer be paying her rent or taking her away on private jets, she could easily find another man to do so. However, the break clearly did not last long because Emmett proposed to Kent by September 2018 — and the rest is history.

She's ready to be a mama

When Lala Kent began dating her film producer fiancé, Randall Emmett, the young television star's entire life changed. Not only would she become accustomed to a life of luxury, but Kent also became an unofficial stepmom to Emmett's two daughters. While Kent obviously didn't birth the girls herself, it wasn't long before she adored the children as though they were her own.

In December 2018, Kent raved to Entertainment Tonight about bonding with her soon-to-be stepdaughters about makeup, and she described "Lala the stepmom" as "so fun." She added, "Because I get that role of, like, you can feel safe with me, but we can also have the best time ever because I'm not your parent."  

As reported in Life & Style magazine in April 2019, the bride-to-be told The Jenny McCarthy Show that she was meant to be a mom, and she revealed that, while she initially planned to wait to start having children, she and Emmett are actually ready to start sooner: "We originally said two years after we get married, but Rand told me that we can start like right after we get married."

She had a feud with Jennifer Lawrence

Back in March 2018, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared on an episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live! where she professed her love for the network's reality show Vanderpump Rules. In doing so, Lawrence put Kent on blast for her shady behavior and called her a nasty name. As The Cut reported, Kent responded to the actress' remarks via Twitter, writing, "B****, you better pray I don't see you in the streets ... you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a c***? You're gross."

When Kent appeared on the SiriusXM show Reality Checked, she explained she was "bummed" about Lawrence's comments because she was a huge fan of the actress. And Kent continued to throw fighting words at Lawrence when she appeared on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop podcast soon after.

However, in June 2018, Kent revealed on The Jenny McCarthy Show that Lawrence had apologized to her for calling her names. The feud between the two women appears to be squashed at the time of this writing.

She's not shy about the work she's had done

Fans of Vanderpump Rules may have noticed that Lala Kent has changed a lot since she first appeared on the show in 2015 — and we're not just talking about her fashion choices. The reality star has gone to great lengths to maintain her youthful beauty, and she's not ashamed to admit it.

In April 2018, Kent admitted to People she had her breasts augmented, and had gotten injections that include fillers in her cheeks and lips, as well as botox above her brows. She stated she may have gone overboard with the cosmetic fillers in the past, but she encourages others to pursue plastic surgery if it makes them happy.

In response to her plastic surgery, Kent told Bravo in 2017, "A lot of people say that I look ugly now. ... But then I have a lot of people who are like, 'Oh my gosh. Thank you for sharing the things you've had done.' I'm not the type of person that's gonna walk out and be like, 'I've had nothing done. My face just changed like this.' You know? I'm pretty open about things like that."

The girl has range

Like many of the members of the young, ridiculously good-looking cast of Vanderpump Rules, working at SUR is not Lala Kent's only job. The hostess has stepped outside of the restaurant and pursued many jobs within the entertainment industry, starring in feature films and music videos, and she has even done some modeling. But did you know that Kent can also sing?
Back in 2016, Kent teamed up with her SUR co-worker (and former flame) James Kennedy — who also moonlights as a DJ and rapper — on a song titled "Feeling You." The aspiring singer went on to release additional songs in 2017 called "Boy" and "4U."
As Bustle reported in March 2018, Kent has been shown to be taking her music career more seriously in later episodes of Vanderpump Rules. While the reality star has not recorded a full-length album at the time of this writing, she still hasn't given up on making music entirely.

She's not leaving Vanderpump Rules anytime soon

With wedding planning, a fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle, and a budding film career, some might think that Lala Kent doesn't have time to appear on the reality show that made her famous. As such, a rumor began swirling that Kent would soon be leaving Vanderpump Rules. However, Kent quickly shut those rumors down.

Kent appeared on The Jenny McCarthy Show in April 2019 to discuss he upcoming nuptials with Randall Emmett, becoming a mom in the future, and her time on Bravo's hit reality show. When asked if she would be leaving the series, Kent replied, "I don't even know where that came from because Vanderpump is responsible for a lot of doors that have been opened for me," adding, "I'm so grateful for that show, and I don't have any plans to leave." When Jenny McCarthy expressed her happiness for Kent remaining on the show, Kent told her she enjoys being on the show.

Giving beauty lovers Lala

If you've seen Lala Kent on TV, then you know the girl loves her makeup. So, it's not surprising she created her own makeup line, Give them Lala. Named after the reality star's Instagram moniker, the beauty line features eyeliner, highlighter, lip glosses, and more.

When Kent discussed her business venture with Celebrity Page, she said, "It's insane. I still feel like I'm living in a dream because I've always, from the time I was a kid said, 'I'm going to be independent. I'm going to have something that is like my baby, and now I have Give them Lala beauty."  

While her makeup line is a positive aspect of her life, it is not without drama. In May 2019, Kent revealed on Instagram that her "James" lipgloss, which is named after Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy, was going to be discontinued amidst a falling-out between the two friends.

Taking it all off for animal rights

With Lala Kent known for her outrageous comments and wild antics on Vanderpump Rules, viewers might not know that the reality star is an animal activist. Kent is particularly passionate about the health and safety of Orca whales and their treatment by SeaWorld. So, the actress — along with fellow Vanderpump Rules co-stars Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix — teamed up with PETA for a campaign urging SeaWorld to release Orcas from their captivity.

In the campaign, the three reality stars posed nude and in body paint to mimic the colors of an Orca whale. Kent explained in a behind-the-scenes video that the film Blackfish "changed [her] entire life," prompting her to become passionate about animal rights.

In 2018, Kent, whose mother works for an animal sanctuary, spoke with Celebrity Page about using her platform to fight for the better treatment of animals. "I'm just here to lend my voice and my knowledge," she said, "and hopefully people take to that."