These Jane The Virgin Bloopers Make Us Love The Show Even More

Jane the Virgin is just about the perfect show for anyone who loves drama, romance, cute kids, and hilarious moments. The CW hit first premiered on Oct. 13, 2014, and has captured the hearts' of viewers ever since. The show, which stars Gina Rodriguez as titular character Jane Villanueva, has racked up 16 award show wins at the time of this writing, including a Golden Globe for Rodriguez for best performance by an actress in a television series (comedy or musical), according to IMDb. Basically, the show has been a favorite from the start, and, after it began its final season in 2019, fans had to say goodbye to the heartwarming tale.

Fans of Jane the Virgin have seen the characters on the show go from strangers to best friends, family members to enemies, and have watched as Jane herself become a single mom, a published author, and so much more. It's hard to say goodbye, but, there are still plenty of memories from the show for fans to enjoy, including some hilarious bloopers and gag reels.

What a way to ruin a moment in Jane the Virgin

With a title like Jane the Virgin, it's no secret that Jane's virginity is a hot topic on the show. In fact, the show starts with Jane's virginity front and center. Of course, as fans know, Jane, who made a promise to her grandmother to save herself for marriage, ends up getting artificially inseminated on accident, and her entire life is turned upside down. But, in Season 1, when Jane is still a virgin, Jane and her mother, Xiomara, sit down to have a conversation about some sexy time with a man Jane is seeing. It's a somewhat serious moment, but, in one blooper, the actress who plays Xiomara, Andrea Navedo, messes up her line in a hilarious way. 

In the blooper, Gina Rodriguez and Navedo start cracking up in a scene about Jane almost having sex. Why? Well, because a tiny, high-pitched squeal comes from Navedo's stomach, which obviously wasn't scripted. "That was my stomach!" Navedo laughed. Jane's virginity is a defining characteristic for the character, so a serious moment in which she discusses sex with her mom should also be pretty serious. But hey, mistakes happen!

This is why Jane the Virgin's Rogelio is the best

Another hugely important part of Jane the Virgin and the character Jane in the show is the relationship she shares with her father. At the start of the show, Jane doesn't know who her father is, but, when he enters her life, things get even more complicated. In fact, Jane's dad ends up being a famous telenovela star, which makes the show that much more self-aware and hilarious. Later on, Jane and her father, Rogelio De La Vega (played by Jaime Camil), bond and have a beautiful father-daughter relationship, but it takes time for them to get to a good place.

So, this blooper of Camil being silly while playing Rogelio is seriously adorable. In the scene, Camil flubs his lines and sounds like he accidentally says "partying" instead of "parting," and the way he brushes it off by dancing makes his character — and the show — that much more lovable. "It's a party. Don't you want to party?" Camil asks, wiggling for his co-star.

This Jane the Virgin scene could have been intense

The relationships between the characters on Jane the Virgin help make the show what it is. It almost feels like you are watching your own family on television, so when they have falling outs with each other, you also feel it. The actors are so incredibly talented, and they really embody the heart and struggles of their characters. In particular, the relationship between Jane's mother, Xiomara, and her grandmother, Alba, is one of the most intense relationships on the show. It was Alba who made Jane promise to save herself for marriage, which is obviously a huge plot point. So, in this blooper, when Xiomara and Alba are having a heated argument before actress Andrea Navedo flubs her lines, it's pretty hilarious. "Don't call me a cow!" Navedo says while in character, before breaking character and exclaiming, "Oh, I said the wrong line!"

Xiomara and Alba have a fairly complicated relationship throughout the series, so this unexpected break from them fighting make the characters and the actors all the more lovable.

That time a helicopter joined a Jane the Virgin scene

Now, while themother-daughter-grandmother relationship and the father-daughter relationship are super central to Jane the Virgin, the romance factor might just be the ultimate theme. After all, Jane herself is an aspiring romance writer on the show, and she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle before the first season ends. One of the men Jane loves? Rafael, the father of her artificially-inseminated baby. Played by Justin Baldoni, Rafael definitely has that whole "fate" thing going for him and Jane, and this blooper of Rafael in the middle of a serious conversation makes him even more appealing, as the discussion occurs as a helicopter flies overhead on the set. Baldoni really tries to hold on to the scene and make it work, but, in the end, he just shrugs it off. What else can you do? "Unbelievable," he says, before giving up and eating some of the food on set.

Rafael might be vying for Jane's heart in the show, but he can still goof off, which is super charming. Fans of the show know who Jane ultimately ends up with, but, for those left wondering, this blooper is definitely another point towards "Team Rafael," and that's no joke. 

Jane the Virgin actor Brett Dier is always ready to joke around

The other piece of that whole love triangle in Jane the Virgin is Michael, played by Brett Dier. When Jane the Virgin begins, Jane and Michael are together, and they even get engaged at the start of the show! But that doesn't mean that the two are end-game. In fact, so much changes when Rafael comes into the picture as the father of Jane's baby, adding a lot of tension to Jane and Michael's relationship. There are plenty of ups and downs throughout the series, but Jane and Michael's relationship is a cornerstone of Jane the Virgin. No spoilers, but these two go through a lot together. 

As the show came to an end, viewers said goodbye to Michael, and this blooper will definitely make fans miss him more. Right in the middle of a serious moment between Jane and Michael, as they're walking by the water, a boat's horn goes off, and Dier breaks character, saying "Excuse me!" as if he just let out some gas, causing co-star Gina Rodriguez to laugh. It's adorable, and yet another reason why Dier is seriously loved by fans.

At least this Jane the Virgin star didn't accidentally shoot!

To make things on Jane the Virgin even more complicated, Jane's first love interest, Michael, is a police officer. The show has plenty of suspense and drama, and Michael's career is definitely a defining aspect of his character. Michael loves his job on Jane the Virgin, and he takes it very, very seriously. Later on in the series, Michael has somewhat of a quarter-life crisis and considers becoming a full-on detective. As Jane the Virgin fans know all too well, Michael's job is intertwined with his fate, making the show even more intense.

That said, this blooper featuring Michael confronting someone with a gun is extra hilarious. The moment is supposed to be intense and a little scary since Michael is presumably approaching a bad guy. But instead, Dier, who's taking out a gun from his pocket for the scene, drops his phone and filming is briefly ruined. "My phone fell!" he explains to cameras after making a long groan. Dier's frustration can easily be seen, as he ends up getting quite flustered. But hey! At least he didn't accidentally shoot the (fake) gun in the middle of the chaos.

It was definitely hard for these Jane the Virgin stars to take this moment seriously

One of the best parts of Jane the Virgin is how much the show plays into telenovela tropes. It does so beautifully, and, though there are moments that are definitely cheesy, they don't feel cheesy because the actors handle them with such grace. Well, most of the time. 

In this blooper, viewers get an inside look into Jane's mind and how much she loves to dramatize things. Specifically, when Jane daydreams about Michael or Rafael, she tends to do so while pretending her life is a romance novel. While Jane is torn between Michael and Rafael for most of the series, in this blooper specifically, Jane fantasizes about running towards Rafael on the beach. Obviously, it's ridiculous, and the actors, Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni, clearly also thought so as they couldn't keep straight faces during filming! Baldoni and Rodriguez, who both wore long wavy black wigs for the scene, continue to crack up throughout filming. This blooper is extra hilarious because of the actors' costumes, but it also shows what great chemistry the two actors have.

Are we sure Jane the Virgin's Rogelio is talking about a closet?

In Jane the Virgin, Jane's dad, Rogelio, is one of the most beloved characters on the show. He is funny, charming, loving, and just the right amount of self-obsessed. When Rogelio comes back into Jane's life, he also comes back into Jane's mom's life, and that's where things get complicated. The two have a bit of a "will-they-won't-they" back and forth, but, nevertheless, it's clear that Jane's parents have warm feelings towards each other.

So, in this blooper, of Rogelio and Xiomara sitting together to discuss remodeling a home together, it's super cute, especially because actor Jaime Camil keeps messing up his lines. Rogelio and Xiomara are supposed to talk about how they can make his closet bigger, but eventually that segues into a sexual innuendo, and, honestly, it just makes fans more in love with Camil as Rogelio. When Camil struggles to say a line about "doubling the space of [his] closet," actress Andrea Navedo jumps in to say, "Just think your size," prompting Camil to quip, "But it's impossible to double that." Oh boy!

These Jane the Virgin actors have the best chemistry

While the question of who Jane ends up with — Michael or Rafael — is finally — after years of unrequited love, deaths, amnesia, kidnappings, and so much more — answered in Season 5 of Jane the Virgin, there's no denying the fact that Jane has great chemistry with both of her suitors. Jane and Michael have a ton of history, but, when she's with Rafael, the pair seem completely relaxed around each other. And that's felt in their bloopers as well. 

In this specific blooper, Jane and Rafael accidentally spend the night together, and, when Jane wakes up, she realizes what's happened and panics. But actress Gina Rodriguez and co-star Justin Baldoni, at first, can't get it together. Rodriguez yells and slaps Baldoni... somewhere on the body, causing him to groan in pain before both actors crack up. Sometimes, you just have to laugh it off.

Best friend scenes make for the best Jane the Virgin bloopers

While Jane may be surrounded by family and love interests on Jane the Virgin, she also has her friends. And Jane's best friend, Lina, played by Orange Is the New Black's Diane Guerrero, is a serious source of comedic relief on the show. Jane is pretty serious most of the time, but Lina is the opposite. And she loves to have fun and let loose, encouraging Jane to do so as well plenty of times. 

With how hectic Jane's life becomes after she is artificially inseminated, Lina is the perfect friend to help Jane relax. In this blooper, Lina is checking in on Jane and making sure everything is okay. It's a fairly serious moment, but Gina Rodriguez flubs her lines and ends up making hilarious gestures, cracking up in front of the camera. The fact that Jane and Lina are so close on the show makes this blooper even better because it shows that Rodriguez and Guerrero can have fun together off camera, too. And hey, if you can't goof around with your character's best friend, who can you goof around with?

The father-daughter bond on Jane the Virgin is real

As has been noted, Rogelio is amazing on Jane the Virgin, and his relationship with Jane is nothing short of perfection. The pair meet in Season 1, and they take their time to bond and get to know each other. It isn't long before they become two peas in a pod. So, in this blooper, as Rogelio gives Jane a would-be baby photo of the two of them (since he didn't know she even existed until she was older), Rodriguez couldn't help but break character at the poorly Photoshopped picture, which features an adult Jane's head on a baby's body. This blooper highlights (however hilariously) the importance of Jane and Rogelio's father-daughter relationship. "Are you serious?" Rodriguez asks while laughing.

It just goes to show, Jane the Virgin may be focused on Jane, but all the relationships in the show are just as important. And they're what make the bloopers from the series that much funnier to watch. The cast is definitely a family, and, while Jane the Virgin may be no more, the love that the fans have for the show will live on forever.