The One Character We Hope To See More Of In This Is Us Season 4

The Season 4 premiere of This Is Us is rapidly approaching, and we're more than a little bit nervous. Hints have been dropped that big twists are coming and that, combined with the Season 3 finale, has fans kind of worried about one of the show's best characters.

This Is Us has always been a quality TV show, but it somehow managed to become even better in Season 2 when the character of Déjà, played by the incredibly talented Lyric Ross, was added to the show. Déjà slowly became a part of the Pearson family, first as a foster child, and then as the adopted daughter of Randall and Beth. Fans have been looking forward to seeing her character develop, but the flash-forward sequence in the Season 3 finale left them wondering what the show has in store for Déjà.

Déjà was noticeably absent from the sequence, leaving us scared for her future. While executive producer Isaac Aptaker told TVLine that we don't need to be "fearing the worst" and that This Is Us is "not going to just gratuitously kill off small girls," we aren't totally reassured. This Is Us has never shied away from heartbreaking scenes like Jack's death or Kate's miscarriage, so it's understandable that Déjà's absence is giving people anxiety.

Hopefully, Season 4 will include plenty of Déjà. Ross says that playing the role is a challenge because of how emotionally charged many of her scenes are. "[Playing Déjà] definitely stresses me, and I've been trying to grow ever since," the This Is Us actor told Good Housekeeping.  

We've definitely seen both Déjà the character and Ross the actor grow over the two seasons she has been on This Is Us, and we want to see even more. If Ross gets her way, we'll be seeing a thriving, successful Déjà in the future. "Before, all you could see was the pain and the distrust and all of that," she said of Déjà's character growth. "Now you're starting to see this girl is pretty smart, she's going to be something great some day. She's going to have a big house and fancy car and all that. You're going to see, like, who she really is, who she wants to be."

Here's hoping that Ross' vision of her character's future comes true and we get to see more of Déjà in Season 4 of This Is Us, which premieres September 24.