Baby Archie Looks Just Like Dad Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on an official visit to South Africa and other African countries, giving the public a super clear view of their beloved baby Archie. Once little Archie's pics started appearing — well, everywhere — royal fanatics around the world just couldn't believe how much the little tyke resembled his well-known father (via AOL). 

While little Archie was busy getting a new name, hanging out with incredible people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and receiving amazing gifts from the famed cleric and anti-apartheid activist, Twitter erupted with glee at the uncanny resemblance the baby had to his dad at the same age.

The African tour is the very first official royal visit for the youngster, and those who like to peep on the royals and their exciting lives have been in for quite a treat as cameras have been flashing nonstop. It didn't take long for Archie's photos to zoom across the Internet, to the delight of every royal watcher around the world.

Everyone on Twitter noticed Archie is Harry's twin

Fans took to Twitter to gush over Harry's teeny, tiny twin, but one eagle-eyed royal enthusiast also pointed out Archie's resemblance to mom Meghan. "Duchess Meghan really gave birth to Prince Harry's twin," @zakiyah4life18 tweeted. "Baby Archie has her eyes though."

Others weighed in with similar Harry-Archie twin observations. @TaylaStJames exclaimed, "You guys I'm completely shocked at how much Archie looks IDENTICAL to #PrinceHarry as a baby! I've never seen anything like it!" @pinka84 echoed the sentiment, saying, "This just melts my heart and soul. Its Harry's twin! What a #cutiepatootie My day has been made y'all!" 

Prince Harry and Archie aren't the only royal clones

The first royal baby of this generation, Prince George, caused similar comparisons when he arrived on the scene, and in the six years since, those comparisons have grown stronger and stronger. It definitely helps, though, that his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, often dress him in outfits similar to dear old Dad's, such as when George's sister, Charlotte, was christened. George donned an outfit, featuring red shorts and a white top with red embroidery, that was almost identical to an outfit his dad wore in the '80s (via Insider). It's almost impossible to not compare the two in this situation. 

Who did Archie look like when he was born?

Baby Archie, whose full name is Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, may only be 4-and-a-half months old, but his recent public appearances have certainly thrust him into the limelight. While comparisons to Daddy are quite strong now, it wasn't so clear in the early days of his life, when Archie's parents were trying to decide whose looks he favored most (via Harper's Bazaar). The pair actually felt that his looks seemed to change every day. 

However, in the months since, people noted that he started to take after his father more and more, especially since he's starting to sprout evidence of his dad's most recognizable feature — red hair. A source told People back in August, "He's a happy baby. He has lovely, puffy little legs and tufts of reddish hair. He's really adorable."

Archie's adventures in Africa

Archie has had a lot of adventures on his official royal trip to Africa. One of the family's first stops was to meet with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, where mom Meghan talked about how the infant always wants to stand up, and that he's something of an old soul (via Town & Country). Prince Harry agreed, saying, "I think he knows exactly what's going on."

After meeting with Tutu, the family split up, with Harry going on to visit Malawi, Angola, and Botswana (via Town & Country). The duke will spend time planting trees in Botswana with children, then will check out a project run by a charity he co-founded with Lesotho's Prince Seesio. Then, he'll head to Chobe National Park and will dedicate part of the forest to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy. He'll spend the next few days traveling to different areas before reuniting with Markle on October 2, when the pair will visit a township in Johannesburg.

While it's not certain if Archie will make any further public appearances, you can bet that if he does, cameras will be at the ready to capture every detail, from his tiny locks of reddish hair, to the shape of his chubby cheeks, to the outfit he's wearing — and you can bet that there will be even more declarations that he is, indeed, his father's tiny twin.