The Reason OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby Isn't Happy With Adam's New Job

There's no denying that everyday life is hectic for the Busby family. With 8-year-old Blayke, and 4-year old quintuplets Riley, Parker, Ava, Oliva, and Hazel, OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle definitely have their hands full, even on a good day. But throw a new job into the mix for Adam, one that Danielle didn't want him to take in the first place, and things have the potential to get even crazier.

Viewers watched Adam accept a new position as partner at a health and wellness company in Dallas at the end of last season — without talking it over with his wife first — so it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that the OutDaughtered matriarch is still struggling with their new reality. But what is it about Adam's job that's really pushing Danielle to her breaking point?

Here's why Danielle doesn't love Adam's new gig

As Adam explains in the series return of OutDaughtered, his new job requires that he travel to Dallas at least once per month, which means about four hours each way on the road to and from his home in League City (via Distractify). And that once-a-month commitment, which potentially turns into at least a few days away from the Busby household, is hard for Danielle to swallow.

"I know Adam's doing this for the good of the family, but I knew when Adam accepted this job it was going to be problematic," Danielle vented to the camera. As Adam tries to defend his position, saying things will eventually get easier for him with these trips, Danielle wants to know, "...tell me when that's going to get easier in our lives." While she wants a set schedule to adhere to, Adam is much more laissez-faire about things, likely because he isn't the one single-parenting in those situations.

Things really get hairy between the two when Adam drops the bomb that he has to leave unexpectedly, amidst a hectic week. "I do appreciate he's willing to do whatever it takes for this family," Danielle says. "But this was my concern with Adam taking this job in Dallas, is we can't stop what goes on when he has to go out of town."

Time will tell if Adam's away-from-home gig will seamlessly become the family's new norm, but there's one more thing causing Danielle some stress... 

Adam also rocked the boat by getting the OutDaughtered girls a puppy

Adam's monthly departure aside, Danielle also has to contend with a new addition to the family, courtesy of Adam: a puppy. That's right — six kids and a dog. "If we bring a pet into our home, 100 percent of that responsibility is going to fall on me. When Adam left his old job... I gave up a lot so he could focus and start his own career. But right now, I need some of my independence back, because I'm going to lose my mind," Danielle explained to the camera. "If he leaves me with all this chaos to take care of, then there's going to be hell to pay." 

You can guess what happened: Adam went ahead and got the girls a puppy for their birthdays. That's one brave husband — though we have to admit, Beaux Busby the French bulldog is pretty darn cute.