The Untold Truth Of Adam Busby

When Adam Busby, patriarch of TV's Busby family, is shown on OutDaughtered, you can't help but be charmed. There's just something so totally sweet about seeing a man and his adorable daughters. But he is, of course, more than just a father to six — yes, six — kids. Adam is also a husband, an entrepreneur, and a total wiz with a camera. Adam has been through a lot in life, much of which was documented by TLC's cameras. While Adam and his wife, Danielle Busby, first made national news for giving birth to the only set of all-female quintuplets in the United States, his life today is completely different than it was back then. 

OutDaughtered shows a lot of Adam's life with his six daughters and wife, but it doesn't show everything. The super-dad has a lot going on, and a hit reality television series is only part of it. He may be known for doting on his daughters and being a total family man, but there's more to learn about him.

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby grew up in the same small town as his wife

On OutDaughtered, Adam Busby and his family are seen living in a small town outside of Houston, Texas. It definitely seems as though the Busbys are happy there, but that isn't actually where they are from. In fact, Adam grew up in Lake Charles, La., which is also the same town his wife is from and where they met for the first time when they were both working at their local Target. How sweet!

OutDaughtered fans have been able to watch the Busbys travel home to Louisiana in more than one episode of the TLC show to celebrate holidays and events with their families. Considering they are a family of eight, it's never exactly an easy trip, but it's clear that both Adam and wife Danielle Busby treasure Lake Charles, even though they have now made Texas their home. It's also pretty special to see how far Adam and Danielle have come since living in their hometown. 

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby suffered from male postpartum depression

One of the best things about OutDaughtered — and one of the many reasons fans love it so much — is that Adam Busby and wife Danielle Busby are both super honest about their struggles in raising six daughters. Specifically, on Season 2 of OutDaughtered, Adam opened up to his wife about how he had been feeling really down, and he was later diagnosed with postpartum depression. It was a tough time for the couple, but they were able to come out on the other side stronger than ever. 

In a statement released to People ahead of the episode featuring Adam talking about his postpartum depression, he explained that he felt he had an obligation to open up about what he was going through. "I want to make sure that I bring awareness to the realities of postpartum depression and other mental health issues," he told the magazine. "Why? Because I know I'm not alone and I want others to know they aren't either." 

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby has gone through his fair share of grief

While Adam Busby and his wife, Danielle Busby, were working together to help him with his postpartum depression, it wasn't long before Adam reached out to someone else who could understand what he was going through. On OutDaughtered, fans watched as Adam grew close to Jarrid Wilson, a pastor who had struggled with depression. The two bonded and grew close over their shared struggle. 

Sadly, in September 2019, Wilson took his own life, and both Adam and Danielle were heartbroken to learn about the loss of their friend. Taking to Instagram to share the sad news, Adam wrote in a heartfelt caption, "My heart is so broken." He went on, "In one of the darkest and most confusing times of my life, Jarrid Wilson sought me out. When i pushed him away and ignored his persistent attempts to help, he stayed right there and wouldn't be defeated." Adam has definitely gone through his fair share of grief.

Adam Busby has changed up his career path since starring on OutDaughtered

Obviously, viewers of OutDaughtered can't help but wonder what exactly Adam Busby does for a living. After all, it has to take a pretty hefty income to support six daughters on top of himself and his wife, Danielle Busby. Interestingly enough, Adam has actually had quite a big career shift since appearing on OutDaughtered, and he seems to have found his passion. 

On Season 5 of the hit show, Adam was seen starting his own media company. Previously, Adam worked as a key account manager at Intrinsic Solutions and Sprint Safety, according to his LinkedIn profile, but he left in July 2018 after over 11 years. In 2018, Adam started working for himself at his company Adam Busby Media, and he landed some pretty big clients, as was seen on his family's show. In fact, Adam was offered a big position with a company in Dallas in Season 5 (via InTouch), but fortunately he was able to negotiate the position to stay in Houston for his family. 

Does OutDaughtered's Adam Busby want more kids?

Six children may seem like a lot for some people, but the Busbys never say never, it seems! Of course, having quintuplets definitely put kids out of Adam and Danielle Busby's minds for a while. Still Adam isn't opposed to welcoming more children into their lives. However, if they do decide to have more kids, they probably won't be having them the old fashioned way.

In an interview with Us Weekly, OutDaughtered's Adam Busby revealed that he and Danielle would "never completely shut the door" on adding another little one to their big family via adoption. "It's something we'll always stay open-minded to," he shared. But he added, "As far as ... her birthing any more children, no, that's not going to happen." So while the Busby house may be packed with kids, Danielle and Adam's hearts will always be open to welcoming more children in the future. 

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby has defended his wife against mommy-shamers

As both Adam and Danielle Busby live so much of their lives in the public eye, it's unfortunately only natural for them to have to deal with trolls and parent-shammers on the internet. For instance, on Season 5 of OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle were faced with a tough decision when one of the quints, Riley Paige, did really well on her placement test and her teachers suggested she move up to kindergarten. Mommy-shamers came for Danielle after she announced Riley was moving up a grade, with one person taking to social media to say, "Why does it seem like the entire family revolves everything around Riley?" as reported by People.

Fortunately, Danielle has Adam by her side, and he will always stand up for his wife against the mommy-shammers. "People are looking at our photos and looking at our posts under a microscope just to find out what they can criticize about it," Adam Busby told People. Internet trolls are the worst, but thankfully Danielle has Adam there for her. 

It took OutDaughtered star Adam Busby time to adjust to having quints

Naturally, the news that he was going to have five children all at once came as quite a shock to Adam Busby, as it probably would to just about anyone. Considering all the emotions Adam and wife Danielle Busby went though when the quints were born, it couldn't have been an easy adjustment to suddenly have five more kids to care for, especially since they needed extra care when they were born. As fans of OutDaughtered know, the quints entered the world weighing about two pounds each and had to spend time in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU), as noted by a post on the family's blog. Once Adam and Danielle got the quints home, though, another kind of stress took over the Busbys' lives.

In an interview with ABC6, Adam explained how he was transitioning to having the quintuplets at home. "You want to be so frustrated and so tired," Adam said, "but you look down and one smiles at you, and you can't be frustrated."

How Adam Busby really feels about sharing his life on national television with OutDaughtered

When Adam and Danielle Busby made national news for having quints Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige, they weren't exactly used to being in front of cameras and sharing their lives with the public. They were just a normal family... which they still are, though a much bigger one. However, over the years and throughout all the interviews and seasons of OutDaughtered, Adam has gotten pretty used to sharing his life on national television. 

In an interview with Good Morning America, Adam Busby was asked what it was like to have cameras follow him and his family through so much of their lives. "We had them with us from the very beginning, and we got used to it pretty quick," he said. Additionally, he explained that the family and the camera crew were actually pretty close and "almost became like family members." He added, "I mean Blayke was calling our producer Uncle Brad." Clearly, the Busbys don't mind being on TV, as Adam said they "took right to it."

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby's real thoughts on having all girls

For basically anyone who watches OutDaughtered, it's pretty obvious that Adam Busby is completely smitten with all six of his daughters. However, because Adam is a man, many fans wonder if he's upset that he doesn't have a son to share a bond with or to carry on his family name. And while Adam did reveal to Us Weekly that he and his wife, Danielle Busby, were open to adopting a son in the future, it's not something he's too concerned about.

On their It's A Buzz World blog, Adam opened up about what it was like to have all girls. "Lots of people have been asking me if I am bummed that I'm not getting a boy," he wrote. "Yes... It was a little bit of a disappointment, but in the whole scheme of things I am completely fine with it." Adam wrote that blog post before the quints were born, and he explained that his biggest concern at the time wasn't the sex of the babies but their health. "Coming home with my beautiful wife and 5 baby girls is all that I care about," he stated. 

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby almost caused a pregnancy scare

After Adam and Danielle Busby had five babies at one time, it would make sense that the couple wouldn't want to get pregnant again any time soon. So, as fans learned on OutDaughtered, Adam Busby had a vasectomy to ensure that the couple wouldn't accidentally have any more babies the old fashioned way.

However, on one episode of OutDaughtered, Danielle became stressed because her period was late, and she didn't understand what was going on. It was only then that Adam revealed he never went back to the doctor after his procedure to make sure that the vasectomy actually took and that he couldn't get his wife pregnant. Obviously, it was frustrating for Danielle to hear that. "I can't believe you," she told Adam, covering her face with her hands. It turned out that the couple wasn't pregnant again, but the scare made Adam realize that he had made a mistake. He may be a great husband and father, but, just like everyone else, he isn't perfect. 

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby has had to make some tough decisions

While Adam Busby was definitely been lucky enough to start his own media company in 2018, that doesn't mean that the career shift was necessarily easy to maneuver. In fact, on Season 5 of OutDaughtered, when Adam was transitioning into his new business, there was an opportunity for him to move to Dallas and to make a lot more money. However, as his wife and children are in Houston, it was a tough decision for Adam to make.

So tough, in fact, that the decision of whether or not to take the job caused a lot of tension between Adam and wife Danielle Busby, and it also led to many viewers getting angry at Danielle for not supporting Adam in taking the job, as reported by InTouch. "Your husband accepted a good job to better you and your kids why are you angry?" one person said in a comment. It was definitely a rough time for the couple and showed how much stress Adam was under when it came to his career.

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby loves to spend time with his wife

With six kids running around, work to keep up with, and a camera crew following them around most of the time, it's a wonder how Adam and Danielle Busby find time for themselves. However, it's clear that spending time together is important to the couple. In an interview with Us Weekly, Danielle stated, "Don't ever give up on your date nights," and it's obvious Adam agrees. 

In fact, the two went on a romantic vacation for their 13th wedding anniversary in 2019, which OutDaughtered's Adam Busby documented on Instagram. Alongside a sweet selfie of him and his wife on vacation, Adam wrote, "She still makes my heart skip a beat." There's no doubt that Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, and, when you consider how crazy their life is, no one really deserves it more than those two, who are still totally in love. 

Working out is important to OutDaughtered star Adam Busby

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby values fitness and nutrition. While it's not always easy with six kids and a demanding job, Adam definitely thinks it's important to be physically active and healthy. In fact, Adam even did a sweet segment with TLC called "Lose The Dad Bod," in which he did a daddy-daughter workout with one of his adorable quints. 

Fortunately for Adam, his wife, Danielle Busby, is also super passionate about health and fitness, so he has a great built-in accountability partner. On the It's A Buzz World blog, Danielle wrote about how she manages to find time for fitness with six kids. "We all find time to eat and sleep...but finding time for fitness/exercise is just as important," she wrote. Clearly, the Busbys are a family that likes to keep active, and Adam isn't going to let anything else get in his way when it comes to living the lifestyle he wants to, and honestly, good for him. 

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby has a strong belief system

While Adam and Danielle Busby don't talk about their faith on OutDaughtered all that often, they both have a super strong belief system. In fact, Adam even has the phrase "Christ follower" in his Instagram bio, and he has mentioned his Christianity more than once on social media. For example, when his friend Jarrid Wilson passed away, Adam took to Instagram to express his loss and noted that his faith was helping him keep it together. "God is still in control," he wrote. "No matter how much we don't understand. He is still in control and He is Love and nothing can separate us from His Love." 

Adam Busby has also thanked God for his six children in one Instagram post in 2018. He penned, "Thank you God for giving me the opportunity and ability to be Daddy to these 6 miracles."