Who Is Botched's Dr. Paul Nassif's Wife, Brittany Pattakos?

Sorry Botched, fans. The show's co-host, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, is officially off the market. He and his new bride, Brittany Pattakos, tied the knot at the end of September in a private ceremony held in Los Angeles. Their reception, however, was held on October 6 on the Greek island of Santorini. 


The luxe reception was kept quite small, with just 65 friends and relatives of the happy couple in attendance. The bride stunned in a backless lace gown and sparkling headpiece, and while it's clear that Brittany Pattakos has swept Nassif off his feet, fans don't know much more about her.

Who is Brittany Pattakos?

According to Pattakos' Instagram, Nassif's new wife is also in the medical field as a CoolSculpting specialist. In addition to specializing in the fat-freezing treatment, Pattakos is a medical assistant. She is of Greek heritage, has a twin, and is into fitness. 


According to YourTango, Pattakos and Nassif were first spotted together in July 2017, and have been going strong ever since. The couple has a considerable age gap, with Nassif being 29 years older than his bride. While that might sound like a big difference, their love for each other is evident and is proof that age is only a number. 

Paul Nassif proposed to Brittany Pattakos in a super romantic way

According to Newsweek, the couple became engaged on June 1, when the 56-year-old Nassif proposed to the 28-year-old Pattakos a few days before his birthday. Nassif posted a video of the engagement on Instagram. In it, we see the happy couple going out for a boat ride. As they sail down the water, they approach a sign that says "Brittany, will you marry me?" Nassif then drops to one knee and the delighted Pattakos accepts the proposal. "This weekend I found out I get to spend the rest of my life with my soulmate," wrote Nassif in the caption. 


Pattakos shared an engagement announcement of her own on Instagram. The picture shows the happy couple and, of course, the ring. "Best day of my life!" wrote Pattakos. "I get to marry my best friend!!"

Brittany Pattakos helped Paul Nassif get in shape

Nassif and Pattakos make quite the striking pair. Fans may have noticed that Nassif has slimmed down since he's been with Pattakos, and that's no coincidence. "I look good," Nassif told E! News in 2018. "I lost a lot of weight."


His Botched co-star, Dr. Terry Dubrow, chalked up Nassif's new look to Pattakos. "I will give him this, he has lost a lot of weight," said Dubrow. "He actually looks good... He now has a new significant relationship. So boyfriend body, here it comes!"

Brittany Pattakos is Paul Nassif's second wife

Nassif was previously married to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof. The couple had three children together. While their 2012 split was quite nasty and involved a bitter custody battle, Maloof and Nassif have since established a much more cordial relationship. "One thing that Adrienne and I have done, since time does really take care of things, our relationship now, especially because we have three beautiful boys, is actually quite good," Nassif told Radar Online in 2015.


He added, "Our relationship has definitely and greatly improved."

Brittany Pattakos and Adrienne Maloof are on good terms, too

It seems that Pattakos and Maloof also get along, or at least that they are on friendly terms. They met for the first time on Pattakos and Nassif's second date. As Nassif told HollywoodLife, the couple first met at a medical meeting. The two began talking and sparks flew. After their first date, Nassif invited Pattakos to be his date at his former mother-in-law's wedding. "So I met everybody, his ex wife, his kids," Pattakos said. "He was like, 'Let's see how you handle it!'" 


Clearly, Pattakos handled the intense second date quite well.

Brittany Pattakos and Paul Nassif are thrilled to be married

The couple seem delighted to be husband and wife. "Paul and I are incredibly grateful to have family and friends from around the world join us in the blessing of our marriage here in Santorini, Greece," Pattakos told E! News following the reception.


She added, "To have so many loved ones is the greatest gift. The Greek people welcomed us with open arms and made us feel truly at home. The perfect weather and island made a spectacular backdrop for the moments we will cherish for the rest of our lives. This was the most exciting start to our marriage. We are so thrilled to share our lives together."

Brittany Pattakos and Paul Nassif can't wait to have kids

In April 2020, Pattakos and Nassif announced that they are expecting their first child. "I'm very excited," the mom-to-be told E! News. "I'm also a little nervous too, because it's a different experience, something new, especially when your body's changing. It's amazing what your body can do."


Nassif also expressed his excitement at welcoming his fourth child. "I mean, of course, I'm excited!" he said. "It's been a while, my youngest kids, my twins, just turned 14... And obviously it's fun to be a dad again to a baby."

Nassif previously told E! News that he wants at least one baby with Pattakos. "I have three boys, so you know what we're missing," he said.