Here's How OutDaughtered's Riley Busby Is Doing Since Skipping A Grade

A lot of people were skeptical when Danielle Busby announced in August that one of the Busby quints, Riley Busby, would be skipping preschool and going to kindergarten a year early. Many people criticized this decision, with parent shamers coming out in droves to lambaste the TLC family for splitting up the quints by letting one of them skip a grade. 

Danielle and Adam Busby stuck to their guns, though, and sent Riley off to kindergarten in order to provide her with a challenge as she was performing above grade level. Now, a couple of months into the school year, there's proof that the OutDaughtered family's decision to have Riley skip a grade was a good one. 

Why did Riley Busby skip a grade?

The decision to send Riley Busby straight to kindergarten came after all the quints took a test at a local preschool last June. In a video clip from OutDaughtered, it was revealed that Riley scored an "unusual" 84 on the exam. Because of this high score, the Busbys decided that Riley would do better in a more challenging environment and sent her off to kindergarten.

"It was a learning experience for us and it's been positive since we chose to separate them," said Adam in the comments of an Instagram photo commemorating the quints' first day of school. "There ain't a manual for raising quints... We are making the best decision that we can with the information and intuition that we have as their parents."

Riley Busby is loving kindergarten

In a video clip from TLC released earlier this month, Riley seems to be thriving in her new environment. She was a little hesitant at first but took the change in stride. "It was scary to go to a new class," Riley said in the clip. "And my sisters aren't in the class."

Still, Riley looked like she was welcoming the challenge of being in kindergarten and didn't seem to miss having her sisters around. "Everyone was really nice to me," she said. "I feel like I'm older, like I'm a big kid like [my older sister] Blayke now."

Riley's teacher said that she was doing great in her kindergarten class. "I know she's a little bit younger than the rest of them but she's doing really great, she's learning," she said. "She really is doing well."

Danielle and Adam Busby said that Riley is thriving in kindergarten

According to Danielle and Adam Busby, Riley has been doing well in kindergarten since day one. After her first day of school, alongside an adorable image of a sleeping Riley, Adam posted to Instagram, "First day of kindergarten in the books and she CRUSHED it! So incredibly proud of this little kid. When she wants something, there is nothing going to stand in her way and she is right at home forging her own path. My MIGHTY pint sized princess is going to be something great one day."

Nearly two months later, Danielle confirmed in her own Instagram post that Riley was still enjoying kindergarten. "She wakes up every morning still so excited about school," wrote Danielle.

Will being in kindergarten help Riley Busby stop acting out?

On OutDaughtered, Riley Busby gained a reputation as being the sassiest of the quints. "The whole house revolves around Riley," said Adam during the Season 4 premiere. "She thinks everything is about her and she will not back down. It is Riley's world. She's bossy, she is the toughest, she will pick a fight, and she will win it. And she throws the worst tantrums. She'll get what she wants... I think she's smarter than all of us," said Adam.

Danielle and Adam later speculated that Riley's naughty behavior might be because she has simply been bored and needed more intellectual stimulation. If this is the case, sending her to kindergarten a year early might help Riley settle down a little bit at home. The Busbys have yet to update fans, though, on whether or not Riley's behavior at home has changed since starting kindergarten.

What grade will Riley Busby be in next year?

Even though Riley Busby skipped a grade this year, Danielle and Adam still aren't sure if they'll be sending her on to first grade next year. They wanted to challenge her by sending her to kindergarten early, but there's still a chance that she won't remain a grade level ahead of the other quints for the rest of their academic careers. Adam and Danielle might still decide to have Riley repeat kindergarten with her sisters next year. 

"It's just going to leave us with a big decision to make at the end of this year," said Adam in a YouTube video.