Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Her Fears And Anxieties

Chrissy Metz is crushing it in her career, but that doesn't mean it's all been smooth sailing for the This Is Us star. Even though she's now a world-famous actress and also has a budding singing career, Metz is still human and deals with fear and anxiety like the rest of us.

In a recent interview with Life & Style, Metz opened up about the struggles she has faced since hitting the big time. She also revealed some of her coping mechanisms for dealing with the pressures of fame, and how important just "showing up" is.

Chrissy Metz admits that she doesn't 'have it all together'

Being on one of the most beloved shows on television is busy work. Maintaining a work/life balance isn't exactly easy, but Metz does her best to keep things balanced and her stress levels under control. "I meditate, I pray, I journal, I reach out to friends, I just make sure I let my feelings known," said the This Is Us star. "There's such a taboo with that because you're like, no I don't want to feel weak. I don't want to appear that I don't have it all together, but I don't think any of us have it together. Right?"

She added, "We all need each other to get it together and that's the beauty of just being honest."

Chrissy Metz said that there's a lot happening behind the scenes

Metz added that, even though she looks like she's got a hold on things when she's all glammed up for the red carpet, things aren't always as they seem. She said that she's often struggling with things in her personal life, and this can make showing up to events and smiling for the cameras a challenge. 

"I am most proud of just suiting up and showing up because it's not easy," said Metz. "People see these grand award shows or red carpet events and people don't know what happened an hour before they put on the dress. Or, the morning they are about to go to work, and they have to be in a very emotional place for 12 hours and what's going on internally and personally — so just getting past the fear or anxiety or whatever it is we're going through."

Instead of sugarcoating her struggles, Metz said that she wants to be honest with her fans and to remind them that they are not alone. "That's the only thing I've been is very vulnerable and honest" she said. "I'm very grateful that being who I am is helping people not only come together but it's helping me. Suiting up and showing up."