Here's What Chelsea Clinton Says Hillary Is 'Terrible At'

Hillary Clinton represents many things to many people, but it's hard to deny she has her strengths and talents. And while she was at the center of many controversies even before she ran for president in 2015, there is one thing in particular that Clinton is actually terrible at that we never heard about... until today. 

During a recent episode of CBS' Late Late Show with James Corden, when asked what it is that her mother is terrible at, Chelsea Clinton reveals that it's baking (and not singing, as Hillary picked for herself). "She's very good at cookies, but not at baking cakes or pies," and as a fan of The Great British Bakeoff, Chelsea says she could see baking as an area where her mother "could develop some skills." When Corden asks whether Hillary Clinton had ever put off a guest with her baking abilities during her time as First Lady in the White House, the former Secretary of State replies, "I think effort should count for something!"

We already know about Hillary Clinton's chocolate chip cookies

We first found out Hillary Clinton's relationship with baking back in 1992, after a Democratic primary debate between Bill Clinton and a rival had touched on her career at a law firm. Hillary said, "I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies, and had teas." Her comment triggered a massive backlash among offended voters, many of whom had said they wouldn't vote for her husband as a result (via Time)

But her comment created an opportunity for Family Circle to invite both Clinton and the wife of her husband's then Republican rival, Barbara Bush, to a cookie bake off — which Clinton clinched — because of her lifelong love of chocolate chip cookies. Not only did she tell friends she intended to win the contest (she did!), she also said, "My friends say my recipe is more Democratic, because I use vegetable shortening instead of butter" (via New York Times). The rest is history.