That One Time Lacey Chabert Was A 'Mean Girl' In Real Life

Lacey Chabert hasn't played the sassy and always snazzily-dressed Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls since 2004, but art may actually be imitating life for her these days. As reported by USA Today, the actress admitted she'd been an actual mean girl herself, in real life, but this time as a mother.

The revelation came during a mom-focused take on the party game Never Have I Ever, where Chabert chatted with Carissa Culiner for E! News' YouTube series Mom2Mom. When questioned about whether she'd ever been mean to another mom, Chabert immediately took a big gulp of wine, signaling she might not be that far from Gretchen in reality. 

Lacey Chabert knows moms can be really mean

"Never has mommy gone all mean girl on another mom for something they said," Culiner suggested, in response to which Chabert took a drink. Thankfully, it was a judgement-free zone as Culiner quickly agreed, "Well, because women be b****** sometimes," and took a sip of wine herself.

Mean Girls star Chabert went on to say that she's had plenty of run-ins with super "competitive" and difficult mothers, in spite of having a great group of mom friends to support her. "I have found in the community of motherhood, there are also some incredibly, maybe the most judgmental people I have met in my life. Like, 'I can't believe you do that!' or 'Your baby doesn't do that,'" she said. 

Motherhood is Lacey Chabert's priority

During their lively game, Chabert also confessed to several parenting "sins" including pretending to be asleep so her husband, Dave Nehdar, whom the Mean Girls star married in 2013, would have to take care of their baby instead. Likewise, the actress also admitted to using her kid to get out of attending events she didn't feel like going to, and lying about certain toys being broken.

But it's all fun and games — in a March 2019 interview with People, Chabert gushed about motherhood, explaining, "My daughter is my No. 1 priority." Although she did admit, "This is my first time being a mom and I'm figuring out as I go. But Julia is the light of my life."