The Most Attractive Quality Of A Man, According To Each Of These Celebs

What makes for the most attractive quality of a man? Experts say certain qualities can speak volumes about a person's character. A man should possess a healthy mix of emotional availability, protectiveness, equality, stability, and acceptance, Harville Hendrix, marriage counselor and co-author of Getting the Love You Want, told RedbookHendrix's wife, fellow marriage counselor and author Helen LaKelly Hunt, added the qualities of curiosity, vulnerability, and assertiveness.

Marriage and family therapist Amy McMahan also believes women should take note if a prospective partner practices awareness. And don't underestimate the power of chemistry. "These are qualities that help to establish a foundation, to form a deeper connection, and a relationship with this person," McMahan said.

These qualities are important, surely, but they're not always responsible for initial attraction. What is? Science says it varies — a lot. Even among celebrities, there are a ton of differing opinions on what makes a "perfect" man. Although we can't guarantee you'll agree with Blake Lively or Diane Keaton's assertion of attractiveness, here's what your fave celebs have to say about the topic.

Zendaya values several qualities, but one is most attractive

Zendaya may be young, but she already knows what she wants in a prospective partner. "Respect is my number one thing," the star revealed in an interview with CR Fashion Book, "and I think it shows in different ways." 

Many experts agree that respect is vital in any relationship — and not just romantic ones. Peter Gray, research professor at Boston College, revealed in an article for Psychology Today that "respect may be even more crucial than love." Still, respect isn't the only thing Zendaya is looking for in a partner.

"With anybody you're with, you have to have a layer of respect, courtesy, understanding, and tolerance," she continued. telling the publication about the most attractive qualities of a man. "It's also important to have somebody who makes you laugh. If someone can't make me laugh, then that's wack. And not just kind of laugh, but pee-my-pants laugh." 

For Diane Keaton, companionship is the most attractive quality of a man

Diane Keaton believes in the old adage that opposites attract. "I think your opposite stirs you into something," she told The Sydney Morning Herald. "They shake you up and that always is attractive." After pausing, she noted, "For a while." 

It's exciting at first, but it's not what Keaton finds most attractive. "But you want to be companions. You want to enjoy yourself with that person without having conflict all the time," she went on. "Conflict can be sexy but it's exhausting." Moving on from attraction, when asked to define a good relationship, Keaton insisted she was the "wrong person" to ask.

Although she's had some high-profile beaus in the past, reportedly including Woody Allen and Al Pacino, she said she was never interested in being someone's wife. Looking back, she also wishes she didn't date fellow actors. "When I was young, I was looking to be loved by these extraordinary people," she told People. "I think I should not have been so seduced by talent. When you're both doing the same job, it's not so great. I should have found just a nice human being, kind of a family guy."

Khloe Kardashian says these are the sexiest qualities when it comes to what's most attractive in a man

"I find a lot of different things sexy in a man," Khloé Kardashian dished in a blog post on her website (via Cosmopolitan). "Obviously, I have to be physically attracted to some degree, but I've learned that really comes and goes. If the guy doesn't have a good personality, then the physical connection will get old REALLY quickly!"

What makes a good personality? According to Kardashian, it's a blend of a few attractive qualities. "I like a man with a sense of humor," she revealed. Because she's "really silly and goofy," she wants a partner who gets her unique humor and can joke around in a similar manner.

More importantly, though, Kardashian values a strong work ethic. "Honestly, to me, the sexiest qualities in a man are drive and ambition," she wrote. "I want someone who has structure to his days — he doesn't necessarily have to be on my schedule, but if he's working towards a goal and is driven, it's a turn-on." 

Selena Gomez says realness is the key attractive quality of a man

We can only imagine how difficult it is for Hollywood stars to find a partner who's able to see past the celebrity. "I think that a lot of people don't understand my heart, you know?" Selena Gomez revealed in an interview on Coach's Dream It Real podcast. "I also don't like that it can be sometimes about appearance, too. I don't really appreciate people judging me on my looks or anything like that." 

Gomez continued, saying, "I'm flattered when, maybe, guys are like, 'You're pretty.' I am, it's just not ... I would just love someone to love me for the person that I am. That's just what's important to me, you know?" 

In a later interview on the Zach Sang Show in October 2019, Gomez revealed a similar sentiment about what she finds attractive in a man. "I want [my next relationship] to be real," she admitted. "I don't want it to be co-dependent or messy or lack of communication. I think when you get older, you find people who are actually right for you ... that are actually on the same wavelength if you will."

Jordyn Woods has a recipe of attractive qualities for the perfect man

Jordyn Woods values industriousness in a partner. "The ideal guy for me is someone — it sounds cliché — but someone who's driven, someone who is passionate, someone that wants to be the best at what they do," the model revealed in a YouTube video uploaded in October 2019. 

Although drive may be first on her list when it comes to the most attractive qualities of a man, Jordyn Woods said intelligence is also very important. "I cannot stand not being able to have a conversation with someone. And that's the case with a lot of these guys out here. They don't know how to hold a conversation. I'm not trying to waste my time," she continued. Although not as important, Woods said it would be "nice" for a guy to have fashion sense and a sense of humor. "The list could go on," she added, noting, "I'm not picky, but good skin, nice teeth."

Demi Lovato looks for these attractive qualities in a man

"To me, sexiness stems from being confident and comfortable in your own skin," Demi Lovato told Maxim. To get her attention though, she admitted to the publication that "a guy must be genuine, supportive, real, and have the ability to make [her] laugh."

Authenticity is an important and attractive quality in all relationships. "Authenticity means not being afraid to show your partner who you really are, warts and all," Krystal Woodbridge, psychosexual therapist, relationship counselor, and the director of U.K.-based Woodbridge Therapy Ltd, explained to HuffPost. "It is true that early on in a relationship, when everything is new and exciting, we are often on our best [behavior], hoping not only to attract our new or potential partner, but also to keep them from being scared off by the reality of our 'less than perfect' selves."

Nevertheless, Woodbridge said trying to keep up that appearance means that, at some point in time, "we will begin to crack under the pressure of expectation that we place on ourselves, or the pressure that we perceive our partners place on us." Although it may be daunting, authenticity is vital.

Meghan Markle believes kindness is key when it comes to a man's attractiveness

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met, Meghan admittedly didn't know much about the royal family, including her then-future husband. In Meghan and Harry's first joint interview with BBC News, Harry revealed they were introduced by a mutual friend. "It was definitely a setup — it was a blind date," Meghan added.

Because she didn't know much about her date, she had a question for the matchmaker. "The only thing that I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was — I had one question — 'Well, is he nice?' Because if he wasn't kind, it didn't seem like it would make sense." 

We can assume the answer was yes considering the two later met up for their blind date, which was followed by another date, and, well, the rest is history. Suffice it to say, kindness was at the top of the list of attractive qualities Meghan was looking for in a partner.

Ariana Grande finds a bad boy allure totally attractive in a man

Meghan Markle may think kindness is the most attractive quality a man can possess, but Ariana Grande has a different idea about what makes a guy alluring. 

Some years ago, Grande sat down with Tigerbeat, and spilled the details on what she finds attractive. "Lots of tattoos! I do love guys with tattoos," she told the publication. Well, that explains her and Pete Davidson's former relationship, now doesn't it? She also shared that she "love[s] a bad boy."

Despite finding tatted bad boys attractive, Grande told Elle in the summer of 2019 that she was focusing on herself. "I think that this is the first album [Thank U, Next] and also the first year of my life where I'm realizing that I can no longer put off spending time with myself, just as me. I've been boo'd up my entire adult life." She went on, saying, "I've always had someone to say goodnight to. So Thank U, Next was this moment of self-realization." 

A good wardrobe attracts actress Blake Lively to men

Blake Lively is so innately fashionable that she doesn't even have a stylist. She joked to Women's Wear Daily that she chooses to be her own stylist because she has "control issues and a big ego." Of course, that's not true. "I just like it," she admitted. "I love design and I love fashion and it's a way to be creative. In my job I get to be creative, but it's over a period of time and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle and end, and I get to be creative and there's an end date in the near future." The star related it to the same enjoyment she gets from cooking or doing her friends' hair and makeup.

Given her eye for fashion, it's not surprising what she finds attractive in men. "It's definitely attractive when a man can dress well," Lively revealed to Marie Claire (via People). "What I love most is when someone, guy or girl, is effortless and has this old-timey sort of feel [that] you could take a snapshot of them and they could exist in any time period."

A good heart is at the top of Hannah Brown's attractive qualities list

Fans were first introduced to Hannah Brown on The Bachelor when she was vying for Colton Underwood's heart. When that didn't work out, we watched as Brown searched for love once again, this time as the Bachelorette. Although that was ultimately a disaster, there's no denying that Brown is well in tune with what attractive quality she's looking for in a partner.  

Ahead of her Bachelorette days, Brown told People that she didn't necessarily have a type, but was looking for "someone with a good heart." She continued, saying, "And at the end of the day, I want somebody who loves me and chooses me. I'm ready for my moment."

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Brown also revealed that she was looking for "a good-looking" man. She further told host Ellen DeGeneres, "[I want] just a good human: good heart, kind, strong, but ultimately, I want, at the end of this, to know that they know me and know every part of me — not just some version of myself that I like, packaged together and was like, 'Do you like this?'"

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis can't help but be attracted to nerdy men

A few months after her split from Hunter Price, the newly single Kathryn Dennis sat down with People and discussed what she was looking for in a man. "Like a little nerdy, smart guy who is also a savior-type person," she admitted to the publication. "I just think a dude with glasses is cute."

The Southern Charm reality TV star revealed that one of her friends helped her get started on Bumble, but she admitted that online dating had been "really awkward because [she's] not like that." Still, she described the swipe left/right technology as "kind of fun." Although the nerdy look may be the most attractive quality to her — at least from the get-go — Dennis said she was hoping for something serious in the near future. "I want more kids for sure, when I'm married," she told the publication.

Kathie Lee Gifford finds men who share her faith to be the most attractive

In a candid interview on The Doctor Oz Show (via Daily Mail), Kathie Lee Gifford gave some tongue-in-cheek insight as to what she's looking for if she were to remarry. "If I could find a hedge fund guy and his money and he loves Jesus and he has his own teeth, I'm in," she joked. 

Although there's no telling if Gifford was serious about the hedge fund bit, it's true that she wants to date a Christian. Gifford revealed to Access Live that she once went on a date with someone outside her faith and it didn't go well. "He didn't share my faith and couldn't understand why I didn't want to be with him," she explained. "I said, 'My faith isn't something I do on Sunday mornings for an hour. My faith is me, and I'm not going to share my life with somebody or even another hour of my life on a date with you if you don't share the same passion for your faith as I do.'"

Wendy Williams focuses on conversation... and a man's wallet

In a brief interview with TMZ in October 2019, Wendy Williams didn't shy away from discussing what attractive qualities she wants in a new partner. "A good conversation," she replied. After a brief pause, she added, "And a heavy credit card." Although good communication seems to be at the top of her list, she also has some physical requirements.

The shortest man she'd date would be two inches shorter than her at "five feet eight [inches]," she revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The star was previously linked to a 27-year-old man, but Williams told Andy Cohen that the youngest person she would consider dating would be around "48 [years old]." She noted, "The oldest... 65."

Williams broke down additional requirements when speaking to Seth Meyers on Late Night (via AOL). "Grown children who are not living with you," she shared. "You need to live by yourself, so we can hang out at your house or my house."

This is the most attractive quality of a man for Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is not opposed to online dating, but the Game of Thrones alum doesn't feel it's possible for her. "There was a time. I was definitely tempted," the actress told the Mirror. After seeing her friends swipe left and right, she asked what they were doing, to which they replied, 'I'm looking for a guy.'" Clarke noted, "If I wasn't in the job I'm in, then I definitely would do it, 100%," adding, "I feel like it's not a taboo anymore."

While you might not stumble across her dating profile, the Last Christmas star did detail what attractive quality she looks for in a man. "If you make me giggle, then I'm in pretty much," she told the publication. "And someone who is considerate and nice. Like when someone takes you out on a date and they've thought about kind of an interesting thing to do... that goes a long way." Still, there's one thing that beats out all the rest. "But a sense of humour is 100%," she expressed. "If you can laugh with someone, it's just the sexiest thing in the world."