Hannah Brown's Bachelorette Season: What You Didn't See On TV

Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season premiered on May 13, 2019, with the former Miss Alabama USA looking for love. Brown had been a fan favorite since her appearance (and admirable exit) on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, and fans of the show were excited to watch the Alabama native finally find "fierce love" on television. However, as Brown's Bachelorette season unfolded onscreen, an unprecedented amount of drama unfolded offscreen, leading many to wonder if the former pageant queen's dreamy fairytale had turned into the most nightmarish of scenarios.

From the drama surrounding contentious contestant Luke Parker, to the rumors swirling about frontrunner Jed Wyatt's alleged girlfriend, to Tyler Cameron's sudden rise to reality TV superstardom, Brown's season of The Bachelorette made many a headline during its time on the air. However, some of the juiciest drama happened away from the cameras. Here's everything you didn't see on TV during Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season.

Hannah Brown gave some Bachelorette contestants kissing lessons

It's no secret that Hannah Brown fully embraced her sexuality during her time as Bachelorette. Even before the famous Grecian windmill date that gave a whole new meaning to renewable energy, Brown never once shied away from making out with her suitors whenever (and wherever) desire struck. The woman obviously loves a good kiss — but as Brown revealed to RuPaul during a June 2019 interview, she wasn't exactly a seasoned make-out expert before The Bachelorette

"Before I went on the show, I had kissed, like, five, six guys," Brown told RuPaul. "By episode two, I've kissed ten."

When the host asked Brown if producers coached her on how to kiss for the camera, the Bachelorette revealed that she was actually the one teaching the guys how it's done. "I can take control," Brown told RuPaul. "So, I'd be like, 'Hey, I like you and all, but let's work on your tongue.' The lizard tongue? Not a fan. The twirl? Can't do it."

Hannah Brown took stare-at-wall breaks while filming The Bachelorette

While dating a group of eligible bachelors, traveling all over the world, and having your very own glam squad may sound appealing, being the Bachelorette isn't as glamorous as it appears. Kaitlyn Bristowe has even admitted that her time as Bachelorette was so stressful that it took a physical toll. The former leading lady revealed to Entertainment Tonight, "I lost hair [throughout the season], like chunks!" She added, "I had a bald spot at the back of my head from stress."

While Hannah Brown has yet to reveal if her time as Bachelorette ever reached hair loss levels of stressful, there's no question that the former Miss Alabama USA certainly dealt with her fair share of drama on (and off) the show. Ahead of her July 2019 two-part season finale, Brown took to Instagram to show fans how she remained cool when things got heated. 

Along with a photo showing only the back of her head, Brown posted to her Instagram story, "When I got overwhelmed and didn't like people, I had 10 minute stare-at-wall breaks." Tagging three Bachelorette producers, she added, "I was always a bundle of joy, right?"

The truth behind Tyler G.'s sudden exit from Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season

Tyler Gwozdz, better known to Bachelorette fans as Tyler G., received the very first one-on-one date of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, which led many viewers to believe the contestant would be around for quite some time. However, the very next week, Gwozdz had mysteriously disappeared. While his absence was briefly addressed by Brown, no explanation was provided, and the show continued as if Gwozdz had never existed. 

Even Brown's suitors were shocked by Gwozdz's early departure. "We were all by the pool, having a regular conversation, and next thing I know, Tyler's gone," Cam Ayala told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima. While ABC has yet to reveal exactly what led to Gwozdz to leave the show at the time of this writing, fans on Reddit seem to think it may have something to do with allegations regarding Gwozdz's reportedly concerning treatment of an ex-girlfriend. "Apparently he dated a really sweet girl but they would get in public screaming matches often," a Reddit user alleged. "The relationship ended horrifically — while in Europe, he SPIT ON HER and left." 

How did The Bachelorette's Luke Parker get that engagement ring for Hannah Brown?

While Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season is technically about the former beauty queen's journey to find love, referring to Brown's season as "The Luke Parker Show" would hardly be an exaggeration. Her tumultuous relationship with the Georgia native was Brown's main focus for much of her time as Bachelorette, much to the chagrin of the other contestants vying for her heart, as well as fans watching at home. When Brown finally sent Parker packing during their Fantasy Suite date, Bachelor Nation was understandably delighted — however, Parker returned in the very next episode to try and slide back into Brown's good graces. After Brown once again refused to give Parker another shot, host Chris Harrison revealed that the jilted contestant had come prepared to propose to her — engagement ring and all. 

Fortunately, Parker never actually proposed, so viewers never got a glimpse of said ring. However, according to Parker, he didn't go out and choose an engagement ring for Brown himself, as Harrison implied. "[The] producers gave me that ring to show Hannah how serious I was," Parker wrote on Instagram (via Bustle). "I had zero intention of proposing." 

Hannah Brown made Bachelorette producers cry

The Bachelor franchise is no stranger to tears. From Jason Mesnick sobbing on a balcony after breaking up with Molly Malaney, to Ashley Iaconetti crying her way through two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, the franchise has seen countless crying moments throughout its years on the air. Of course, Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette was no exception to this rule. However, while Season 15 saw Brown break down on camera more than a couple of times, the Bachelorette revealed on Instagram that there were even more tears coming from people working behind the scenes. 

On Monday, July 29, 2019, Brown posted a photo series featuring her "Beast Squad," a.k.a. her team of Bachelorette producers and glam squad. "These brave souls have been through it y'all. They seen the breakdowns, the meltdowns, the breakthroughs, and witnessed 'beast mode' that could never be aired on national television," Brown captioned the photo set. Addressing her team, she continued, "I love you all," adding, "I also should say I'm sorry for making y'all cry sometimes with my fury, and for always being late. [However], it was kinda fun right?"

The Bachelorette's Dylan Barbour has a heartbreaking backstory

Season 15 contestant Dylan Barbour, a tech startup cofounder, was let go by Bachelorette Hannah Brown during a rose ceremony. While Barbour's time on The Bachelorette certainly helped make for great entertainment, viewers never got a chance to know the contestant on a deeper level. And, according to his unaired intro video, there's much more to Barbour than what meets the eye. 

In his intro video, posted to the Bachelor Nation on ABC YouTube channel, Barbour opened up about losing his father shortly before beginning his journey on The Bachelorette. "My dad passed away last July," Barbour revealed. "That was really, really tough. When he first told me he was diagnosed with cancer, he was like, 'Dylan, I don't want my hair to fall out.' I was like, 'Dude, if your hair falls out, I'm shaving my head. We'll do it together." Wiping away tears, Barbour continued, "And we actually, like, you know, cried a little bit."

Chris Harrison's Men Tell All interview with Luke Parker lasted hours

Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season Men Tell All special aired on July 22, 2019, directly after viewers were shown the dramatic conclusion to Brown's relationship with controversial contestant Luke Parker. Usually, Men Tell All specials begin with, well, the men telling all. However, this installment of MTA began with only two men on stagehost Chris Harrison and, you guessed it, Luke P. 

Harrison interviewed Parker alone before bringing his former fellow contestants onstage and letting them deliver their two cents. Finally, Bachelorette Hannah Brown came face to face with Parker once again, resulting in another fiery confrontation. While viewers watched this all unfold under two hours' time, fans who attended the Men Tell All taping (along with blogger Reality Steve) revealed that Harrison's interview with Parker actually lasted for over two hours — and that's not even including his conversations with other men and Brown. An audience member revealed on Reddit, "The day was much longer than it was supposed to be. [They] filmed from 2:30 [to] 9:15 PM."