Will There Be A Season 7 Of OutDaughtered?

Since OutDaughtered first premiered in 2016, fans haven't been able to get enough. Not only are Danielle and Adam Busby a down-to-earth and relatable couple, but their kids are the cutest. Who can resist Blayke and the Busby quintuplets (Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley)? 

It seemed like a given that the beloved TLC show would air indefinitely considering its popularity, but now its future is uncertain. Six seasons have currently aired, but the latest season was just six episodes long. For comparison, season 5 had nine episodes, while season 4 had more than twice as many episodes as season 6 with a total of 13 episodes airing (via TLC).

Seasons getting shorter would already be enough to make fans uneasy, but the fact TLC has yet to announce a premiere date for season 7 has fans worried that the future of OutDaughtered is on shaky ground. What's going on with the show? Will OutDaughtered even have a season 7?

Adam says the Busbys needed a break

While season 6 ending abruptly was upsetting to fans, Adam Busby had a pretty good reason for why it was cut short. In the comments of an Instagram post (via Good Housekeeping) in which Adam revealed that the sixth episode would be the last, fans wanting their Busby family fix asked Adam to continue posting pictures of the brood on Instagram. "Of course we will!" said Adam. "We will also continue to post weekly on Youtube. Just taking a break from the LONG filming days."

That seems pretty promising, but it's still not enough to assure fans that season 7 of OutDaughtered will actually happen. Will the Busbys want to continue with the show after taking their much needed break?

Adam Busby has said he's not happy with how OutDaughtered is edited

Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that Adam Busby has recently been vocal about his issues with OutDaughtered's producers over the past couple of seasons. In October, fans criticized Adam for how he treated Danielle on the show. Adam responded to the criticism in the comments of an Instagram post (via Cheat Sheet), saying, "You just saw where they decide to cut it in. It's television. Remember that."

In the comments of another Instagram post (via Good Housekeeping) Adam clapped back when fans attacked Danielle for treating Adam "poorly" and making him "look like an idiot" on OutDaughtered. 

"That is something we have seen in the editing more over the last couple seasons and it isn't true to our relationship," he said. "It WILL stop."

Danielle Busby has been having health problems

Danielle Busby recently revealed that she was in the "worst physical pain" of her life, thanks to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which developed as a complication during her pregnancy with the quints. "I'm so proud of my body for being able to carry the girls for 28 weeks and have five healthy babies who are now 4 [years old] ... but the past three years have been really, really filled with a lot of physical pain within, you know, the woman aspect of, like, my uterus and stuff, and so I've had quite a bit of issues since having them," she said in a YouTube vlog.

The past year has been particularly difficult for Danielle as she has tried different treatments and medications. Filming OutDaughtered no doubt put additional pressure and stress on Danielle as she battled PCOS, and it's likely that her health problems contributed to the Busbys deciding to take a break. 

Danielle recently had a hysterectomy performed which will hopefully alleviate her painful symptoms and will enable her to resume filming in good health. "Really the goal [is] to get rid of all the pain," she said in the vlog. "Having a hysterectomy should be the fix of all my pain. So it's a big deal. It's gonna be kind of hard to recover from all of this, but, you know, I'm to the point where I'm just ready to be done with it." 

Fame might be taking a toll on the Busby family

In October, Adam Busby revealed in a cryptic Instagram post that being in the public eye was getting pretty stressful for the family. "Being in the public eye isn't always sunshine and rainbows, so we are grateful for our support system of friends and family that aren't afraid to go to battle for us and lift us up when we are under attack," he wrote. 

He revealed in the comments that the stress was about more than just online trolls, leading fans to wonder if everything is okay with the Busbys. Could the pressure of fame lead them to walk away from OutDaughtered?

We'll probably still be seeing a lot of the Busby family

The good news is that even if we don't get a season 7 of OutDaughtered it's likely that we'll still be seeing a lot of the Busbys. There's still the official Busby website, It's a Buzz World, and the official YouTube channel of the same name. Danielle and Adam Busby are also pretty active on social media, showcasing their busy family life. 

According to LinkedIn, Adam started his own media company in September 2018 called Adam Busby Media. It's possible that if the Busbys don't continue with OutDaughtered that they might post more of their own videos of the quints and Blayke. This would enable them to have a more relaxed schedule and give them more control over what viewers see of their lives.

In the past, May has been the earliest OutDaughtered has hit airwaves, though the latest season didn't start until October. Hopefully TLC will soon announce a season 7, and fans won't have to worry about where their Busby fix will come from.