Why Danielle Busby Is In The 'Worst Physical Pain' Of Her Life

Things have been rough for Danielle Busby lately. The OutDaughtered star is recovering from a recent surgery, and has a long journey ahead of her. "What a morning!!!" she wrote in an Instagram post on November 18. "I experienced the worst physical pain I have ever had in my life at my doctor's office this morning."

Fortunately, Danielle has a good team on her side to help her through her recovery. Danielle said that, as she was lying on the sofa with the family dog, Beaux, she realized that her husband, Adam, had thoughtfully given her a shirt with a nice message on it after she had asked him for one of his shirts to wear that morning. The shirt read "have a nice day" and had a big smiley face on it.

"LOL!" she wrote. "That's all I want... a nice day and the pain to go away!"

What is Danielle Busby recovering from?

The Busbys revealed on November 12 that Danielle was heading to the hospital for a major procedure. "Back where this crazy journey started... prayers for my #1," wrote Adam on Instagram

The couple provided more details on YouTube. "I know this isn't something we haven't ever really shared or talked about, but life physically after having quintuplets has been super painful, challenging, hard," Danielle said in a vlog.

Danielle revealed that complications during her pregnancy with the quints had led to her developing a painful condition. "[We've] discovered that, you know, [I] basically [have] PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome], which is like where cysts keep forming on my ovaries and they keep rupturing, which is just unbearable..." she said. "So we're having a hysterectomy today."

Danielle has been experiencing pain for years

While Danielle has put on a brave face the past three years, she's been going through a lot of pain. "I'm so proud of my body for being able to carry the girls for 28 weeks and have five healthy babies who are now 4 [years old] ... but the past three years have been really, really filled with a lot of physical pain within, you know, the woman aspect of, like, my uterus and stuff, and so I've had quite a bit of issues since having them," she said.

Danielle revealed that things have been getting worse with time. "This last year has been the top of the scale with lots of pain and days every month where I'm just not able to get out of bed, and I have to because, you know, I have six kids," she said. "Polyps have now started to form and grow inside my uterus. There's a medical term for it, but whatever it's called, [in] mom terms, I have cysts, I have polyps, and I have extreme pain 24/7 with my back and my stomach." 

Danielle Busby has been trying different treatments for the past year

Danielle underwent other treatments before deciding to get a hysterectomy, but none of them worked. "So today we've been working over the last year to trial-and-error different things, get on birth control, it doesn't work, it doesn't help, medication this, and, just, we've gotten to the end of the pain and I'm just to the tipping point of, 'We're here, we need to take care of it, I'm ready to get this over with," she said.

Hopefully, the hysterectomy will alleviate Danielle's PCOS symptoms, but she likely has a long recovery ahead of her. According to WebMD, hysterectomy recovery can take up to eight weeks, depending on what kind of procedure is done. During recovery, patients need to rest at home and avoid heavy lifting. 

Danielle is optimistic that the procedure will help. "Really the goal [is] to get rid of all the pain," she said. "Having a hysterectomy should be the fix of all my pain. So it's a big deal. It's gonna be kind of hard to recover from all of this, but, you know, I'm to the point where I'm just ready to be done with it." 

The Busbys might adopt more children in the future

While having a hysterectomy means that Danielle won't be able to conceive another baby if the Busbys decide to have more kids, there's still a chance that they might adopt one day. Even before Danielle's hysterectomy, the couple had already decided against having more biological children. 

"Shop's closed," Danielle told Us Weekly in June. "It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won't be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt."

Adam said that the Busbys will "never completely shut the door on" adoption. "It's something we'll always stay open minded to," he said.