Here's How Many Tattoos Adam And Danielle Busby Have

These days, tattoos are pretty common. According to 2015 Harris Poll data, younger people are the most likely to have tattoos. Nearly half of millennials have at least one tattoo, while more than one-third of Gen Xers have one. People who have kids living in their household are also more likely to get inked.

Considering these statistics, it seems pretty likely that 30-somethings Danielle and Adam Busby, who have plenty of kids in their household between the quints and their oldest daughter, Blayke, would have some pretty sweet ink, right? So how many tattoos do the OutDaughtered stars have between them?

Danielle Busby has at least one tattoo

We know that Busby matriarch Danielle has at least one tattoo, located on the inside of her left wrist. Since Danielle hasn't talked about her tattoo or written about getting it on the family blog, it seems likely that she got the tattoo before she was catapulted to fame through OutDaughtered. According to a Model Mayhem profile appearing to belong to the mom of six, it would seem that she got the tattoo after her last login in November 2009 as her profile reads "n/a" next to "tattoos" in a listing of her physical traits.

So far, it doesn't appear that Danielle has posted any up-close images of the tattoo or explained what the significance of it is, though it looks to be a cross of some kind.

Danielle has plans to get at least one more tattoo

Danielle has also revealed that she plans to get inked again in the future. In January 2019 she shared a selfie on Instagram of her sporting a shirt from her It's a Buzz World shop. "Happy New Year," Danielle wrote in the caption. "2018 was a year for Joy for my household. My 2019 goal is to live out my FAITH and share it. First new item in my shop... is my Faith Cross tee. I love this design so much that it's going to be my next tattoo."

Danielle hasn't updated her fans on the tattoo so it doesn't seem as though she's gotten it yet, although it's possible that she had it done secretly.

The religious theme makes sense considering how strongly rooted Danielle Busby is in her Christian faith and how that faith has kept her grounded through the challenges she has faced. "My faith is what has carried me through my struggles of infertility, to the struggle of carrying quintuplets, to the struggle of raising six kids and balancing life," Danielle told Country Living.

Adam Busby doesn't appear to have any tattoos

While we haven't seen enough of Adam Busby's body to definitively prove that he doesn't have any tattoos, he doesn't seem to have any that are visible. This doesn't, of course, rule out the possibility that he might have a secret bit of ink hidden from anyone's eyes but Danielle's.

Adam has posted plenty of shirtless pics of himself on Instagram so it's clear that he's not sporting any chest or arm tattoos. He's also regularly seen in shorts, ruling out any lower leg tattoos. And we can see that his back remains ink free, at least for now. Unlike his wife, Adam hasn't talked about a desire to get a tattoo one day, but who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps he'll get a touching tribute to his wife or his kids inked on his skin some day.

Will the Busby kids get inked one day?

While the Busby kids are, of course, too young to get permanent tattoos of their own, they may very well follow in their mom's example one day. Tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable among the younger generations, and the kids already seem to have a fondness for body decor. The quints have gotten (temporary) ink before, as Danielle revealed in an Instagram post. "New shoes, temporary tattoos and off to school with mini muffins in hand this morning," Danielle captioned a picture of the quints in March 2018.

That's not the only time one of the Busby quints has been seen sporting fake tattoos. In 2018, the Busby family celebrated Halloween by dressing as characters from the film The Greatest Showman. Hazel Busby went trick-or-treating adorably decked out as a tattooed man. Danielle revealed in a Facebook post that the only tattooed kiddie costume she could find was of the Moana character Maui, but hey, it worked!

Perhaps one day the quints will replace those temporary tattoos with the real deal.