What Does Jeremy Roloff Actually Do For A Living?

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Jeremy Roloff, eldest son of Matt and Amy, has been a fixture on their TLC reality show, Little People, Big World, since it began all the way back in 2006 (via IMDb). Across 19 seasons and over 300 episodes (and counting), fans have fallen in love with the extended Roloff family, empathizing with their struggle to keep their beloved Roloff Farms running after a difficult divorce.


But Jeremy and wife Audrey recently left the show, according to Good Housekeeping, leading fans to question how exactly they've been making ends meet. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Roloff himself is worth a not-inconsiderable $300,000, but surely their funds will be running out without their biggest earner?

Jeremy Roloff has several side businesses with his wife

It's unclear how much the Roloffs actually earn from Little People, Big World but, according to Business Insider, who spoke to an agent in the biz, each person in their style of reality show could be making anything from $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. That means Jeremy could have reasonably made about $120,000 annually for appearing on the show.


Elsewhere, he and Audrey run a blog called Beating 50 Percent, about working on their marriage and keeping it full of love. Ads naturally run on it, and considering they've been running it since 2014, they're likely making decent money off it now. They also sell a marriage journal on their site for $28, while another book, A Love Letter Life, was recently published in April 2019. Profits from both should be good, considering their high profile relationship.

They also host a podcast together, entitled Behind the Scenes, which has been running since November 2018 and is, again, relationship-based. According to One More Cup of Coffee, podcasters stand to make anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 based on how many listeners they have. 


Regardless, the happy couple is doing pretty well, though not quite as well as Jeremy's mother — here's how much money Amy Roloff is really worth.