Did Chris Harrison's Girlfriend Really Spoil The Bachelor Winner?

With the season finale of The Bachelor finale fast approaching, all sorts of theories are exploding about what will happen. The final outcome has been teased as one we won't see coming. "It is a finale so unexpected, so unprecedented, there is not a single person who knows how Peter's journey will end, not even Peter," said Bachelor host Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: Women Tell All (via E! News).


Some people, though, are convinced that they know who won — and that Chris Harrison's girlfriend, Entertainment Tonight host Lauren Zima, spoiled it in a now-deleted tweet that made it sound like Peter Weber eliminates Hannah Ann Sluss. In the tweet, she quoted Peter who said, "I know what I have with Hannah Ann: she's someone I will be able to lean on always, 100% through the good and bad times and it is the absolute best feeling in the world."


Lauren Zima denied that Hannah Ann is eliminated by Peter

Lauren later clarified in another tweet that she deleted her previous tweet because her words were being misinterpreted. "I deleted it because it was confusingly worded on my part," she explained. "I meant more along the lines of 'How could he possibly not pick Hannah Ann after all this when he is saying they're 100% going to be there for each other forever?'—does that make sense? Hard to say in written word."


If, however, Lauren was just covering her tracks with that follow-up, it means that Madison Prewett, who, along with Hannah Ann, is one of Peter's two finalists, is the show's winner.

Then again, Lauren's tweet could have just been a red herring to throw us all off the trail in a season that has been filled with plot twists. We'll have to wait until The Bachelor finale airs on March 9 to find out what really happens.