Adam Busby Reveals How He Protects His Daughters In Public

Thanks to the TLC hit show OutDaughtered, the Busby family is known all over the world. Danielle and Adam Busby, and their kids Blayke, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley are beloved by their countless fans.

The lives of the Busbys have changed a lot since they became famous and, as such, they have to take certain precautions — especially to protect their little ones. Being in the public eye comes with a little bit of added pressure, but it can also come with additional dangers that the average person doesn't typically have to think about.

Adam Busby opened up about what it's like being a public figure, and how he keeps Blayke and the quints safe when the family goes out in public.

This is why the Busbys don't meet up with fans

On an Instagram post, a fan recently asked Adam if he's ever met a up with a fan. Adam responded (via In Touch Weekly),"We meet fans every day while out and about. I think you may be asking if we intentionally set out to meet up with a specific fan in public, though. That would be a negative. It's extremely rare that we will ever share where our children will be before we go somewhere without protection in place."

Adam explained that his first priority is his family's safety, and meeting up with a fan "is just too much of a safety risk."

One way that Adam may protect his kids is by carrying a gun. While the reality star hasn't said that he does carry a weapon with him, he did draw controversy after posting about buying ammo in the caption of an Instagram photo.

While some fans slammed him for hunting, Adam didn't say whether he does hunt or if he has a gun for protection — something one fan pointed out is quite likely. "It's probably for their personal protection in case a crazy shows up at their house one day since they're on TV and all," said the fan (via PopCulture).

Danielle and Adam Busby are doing everything they can to keep their kids safe

It's clear that Danielle and Adam Busby have their kids' best interests at heart. They admit they aren't perfect parents, but who is? It's apparent that they're doing their best, and also take advice to heart.

The Busbys were once slammed for not having a safety fence around their pool. Instead of getting defensive and shutting down the criticism, Danielle responded that they were taking steps to make their pool area safer. "We just moved into this lease house and they came to get ale [sic] measurement and it's on order," she wrote on Instagram in 2018 (via In Touch Weekly). "Don't worry... I'm paranoid without the fence. Ready for it to come get installed!"

Danielle and Adam Busby don't tolerate parent shamers

While Daniele and Adam Busby are open to suggestions, they aren't on board with parent shamers. In 2019, critics came out in droves to slam the couple's decision to let one of the quints, Riley, skip pre-K. "It was a learning experience for us and it's been positive since we chose to separate them," said Adam in the comments of an Instagram post. "There ain't a manual for raising quints... We are making the best decision that we can with the information and intuition that we have as their parents."

In an interview with People, Danielle and Adam again said that they were just trying to do what they felt was right for their daughter. "It's crazy," said Adam about the criticism the couple were drawing for their decision. "And I don't know what it is. Is it just to mask one's own insecurities so they can have this persona online that they have everything together if they shame another mom? It's really bizarre."

Being a parent to six kids isn't easy

Adam rightly added, "In world history, there have only been six parents who have dealt with raising all-girl quintuplets. There's nobody out there who knows the intricacy of the decisions we make. It's just crazy that somebody out there is criticizing us about something they have no idea about."

Even though it looks like Danielle and Adam are crushing the parenting game, being the parents of quints — not to mention another daughter — is no easy task. Danielle admitted that she often struggles with mom guilt.

"Mom Guilt," she wrote on Instagram in 2019. "There are days I feel like I am failing at this Mom thing, and maybe there are other Moms that can relate."

Mom guilt is totally normal (even Kate Middleton has said she deals with mom guilt), but it's clear that Danielle has nothing to worry about. She and Adam obviously love their girls and will do everything they can to give them a happy and safe childhood.