This Busby Quint Is Struggling The Most During Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has led to people all over the world practicing social distancing and staying at home in an effort to flatten the curve. The Busby family from TLC's hit show OutDaughtered is no different. The Busbys have their hands full with six young daughters under one roof, all stuck at home during the pandemic, and Busby matriarch Danielle revealed that while staying at home isn't easy for anyone, Riley is having the hardest time right now with the quarantine.

Danielle recently posted a picture to Instagram of her and Riley. "This little nugget, Riley Paige, I think is having the hardest time during this #StayHome life we are living currently," she wrote in the caption. "She had been so used to her own days at school in her own classroom and now she is back to 'weekend reality' 7 days a week. Hang in there my love, we all on the same bus"

Riley Busby has always been the troublemaker among the quints

Riley is used to a little more alone time than the other quints because she skipped pre-K last fall and went straight to kindergarten, where she was separated from her sisters. Riley has always been a bit of a troublemaker, something her parents speculated might have been because she was simply not being challenged enough before skipping a grade. "Though Riley is usually the naughty one, she really does have a sweet, cuddly side to her," Danielle once said on OutDaughtered (via People). "She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way."

It's easy to see how staying at home could make that side of Riley come out. As Adam put it in the season 4 premiere of OutDaughtered, "The whole house revolves around Riley. She thinks everything is about her and she will not back down. It is Riley's world. She's bossy, she is the toughest, she will pick a fight, and she will win it."

Adam Busby revealed that the quints have been spending a lot of time outdoors

Of course, the lockdown is hard on everyone, not just Riley. Adam also took to Instagram to post an update and revealed how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the rest of the Busbys. "Before quarantine from a global pandemic, Friday mornings in this spot were quiet times with our coffee, bibles and Jesus," he wrote on a photo of the family crowded around a table. 

"Things look a little different right now," he continued. "We are in a little less control over how the morning looks like in this spot, but have confidence in knowing that Jesus is still in control. Even though times are scary and we may not have any answers to why all of this is happening or what the immediate future looks like. HE still holds our future. None of this is a surprise to HIM and the battle has already been won."

Adam Busby is staying optimistic

Adam encouraged everyone to stay optimistic in these troubled times. "Keep your heads up everyone," he wrote. "Stay positive and spread love and joy to those around you."

While the pandemic and this period of social distancing has been difficult on the Busbys, it's not all bad. Posts from Adam's Instagram page show that the family has been spending a lot of time together. He wrote on one photo that the girls have been playing quite a bit on their swing set and that he is grateful for the "play set and a big yard for all of these girls to go outside and play." He added, "In the midst of the craziness, this is our sanity right now."

The family has also been spending a lot of time poolside. "Toilet paper!?" Adam captioned a picture of himself watching the girls playing in the pool. "Nope. I'm running out of sunscreen."

Danielle Busby is enjoying being able to spend more time with her family

In order to help their kids through the quarantine, Danielle revealed that the Busbys have changed up their daily routine and are keeping things more relaxed. "One thing I am loving about these quarantine days is having our own (new) routine and more lax schedule," she wrote on Instagram. "Today, we had breakfast and went straight to swimming! School work is still important but we will do it after lunch today!"

Danielle encouraged other moms to "enjoy these family moments together." She continued, "It's been tough stuck at the house with six kids but honestly, I have really loved having all our meals together as a family, lots of play time, and the sleeping in later time."