Rumors And Spoilers About Virgin River Season 2

Netflix's Virgin River features nurse practitioner Melinda Monroe (Mel), who suddenly and mysteriously leaves L.A. and moves to the tiny town of Virgin River to join a not-so-welcome medical practice with the curmudgeonly Doc Mullins. This northern California adventure gets off to a bumpy start that's only lightened by dreamy bar owner Jack Sheridan. It wouldn't be true romance, however, if things were simply that easy. The first season ends with both Mel and Jack's pasts threatening to keep this couple permanently star crossed. 


And as we wait for season 2, viewers want to know — is it over before it even began? The good news is, there will definitely be a second season, which will contain 10 episodes, according The Buzz Paper. With season 1 airing near Christmas of 2019, many expect to see the second installment near the holidays in 2020. The good news is the show had already started filming prior to coronavirus shutdowns and concluded in December 2019 (via Otakukart), so no delay is currently expected. Our character favorites will be back including Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Annette O'Toole, Lauren Hammersley, Colin Lawrence, and Jenny Cooper.

Will Jack and Mel get together in season 2 of Virgin River?

Fans are all dying to know if Jack and Mel can make it work in season 2, but the odds are set against this unrepentant bachelor and the grieving widow. That said, the series is based on the Hallmark-esque romance novels of author Robyn Carr. Carr is a prolific author, and provides the series many different novels and plot points to work with, so readers can always check out the book for ideas as to where the series may go. Carr herself isn't telling what may happen in this second installment, whether she even knows. Current guesses, however, think the show may resume where it left off, following the original novel Virgin River for a while longer (via Trending News Buzz). 


We also know of some new cast additions. What's on Netflix announced that Carmel Amit will play the role of Jamie, Keith MacKechnie as Nick, Donald Heng as George, Steve Bacic as Wes, Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan, Thomas Nicholson as Leo Cavanagh, and Marco Grazzini will play the role of Mike. Fans of the books can likely draw conclusions from there.

While the exact plot is still unknown, if Virgin River follows classical romance guidelines, we will be in for at least a few more ups and downs as the characters heal themselves and grow together. With such a prolific book series of material available, we hope to see seasons 3 and 4 greenlit before long.