The Best Shows On Netflix For Women In Their 60s

Netflix is an absolute goldmine when it comes to TV shows, so when you're trying to decide what to binge on next, it's never actually that easy to choose. And, unfortunately, there is such a thing as getting it wrong. While 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things are generally loved by everyone, if you're over the age of 21, there's usually only so much teen drama and romance you can handle (if any at all). 

And while The Crown, following Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the British royal family, is often the first recommendation for women in their 60s, if you've already watched every season (twice), you might need a little assistance when you're deciding what to watch next. But lucky for you, we've scoured Netflix's current offering and rounded up the next best options. Here are some of the very best shows on Netflix for women in their 60s. Grab the popcorn!


According to Variety, when the Bodyguard finale aired in the UK, it was the most-watched (and some would say most talked about) drama in the UK since records began. Without giving too much away, the series follows war veteran-turned-bodyguard David Budd (played by Richard Madden of Game of Thrones) who has been assigned to protect a controversial politician. 

"Both juicy in its delving into character psychology and rippingly ready to tear up its playbook as it goes, it's a six-episode ride that demands, and rewards, a quick binge," Variety's chief TV critic Daniel D'Addario wrote. And now it's your turn to see what all the fuss is about.

Call the Midwife

Call The Midwife is a British drama set in the 1950s about midwives, friendship, motherhood, romance, and more. Based on the book Call the Midwife: A True Story of the East End in the 1950s by Jennifer Worth, the series follows midwife Jenny Lee as she begins her career in Poplar, a town in London's East End. 

Though some may say that it's a slow burn, we say that it's totally worth your time. As Sarah Hughes of the Guardian put it, it's "one of the smartest and, in its own way, most subversive shows there is." Don't forget the tissues!

Mad Men

An oldie but a goodie, Mad Men is a must-watch for anyone slightly interested in the 1960s and/or the world of advertising. If you're in your 60s, this might be particularly intriguing as it was a pivotal time for your own parents while you were young. 

Described by the New York Times as "one of the best shows of all time", there are so many aspects of the show that you're bound to fall in love with, from the clothes and the acting to seeing (and maybe even remembering) life without the internet. Jon Hamm stars as lead Don Draper while many other notable actors who rose to fame act alongside him, like Elisabeth Moss of The Handmaid's Tale and Alison Brie of GLOW.

Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin join reunite as the hilarious Grace and Frankie in this Netflix comedy about two retirees whose husbands leave them for each other. The co-stars, who worked together in the 1980's musical 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton, have a natural chemistry and you can't help but fall in love with their friendship, despite its ups and downs. 

And it's like nothing you've ever seen. "It explores issues of loneliness, love and friendship among the aging that are rarely given serious consideration on American television, let alone television comedy," Mike Hale, TV critic at the New York Times, wrote.