Why OutDaughtered Fans Are Surprised By New Photos Of Parker

Fans of the show OutDaughtered were surprised when Busby matriarch Danielle recently posted a new picture of Olivia, Hazel, and Parker on Instagram. While Parker may be a quint, as we've seen over the course of the show, all of the Busby quints have their own distinctive personalities and are very different. 

Parker stands out from her siblings in the photo — literally. In the photo, she is roughly half a head taller than Olivia and Hazel, leaving fans shocked at how much she has grown. "Parker is so tall," commented one fan on the photo (via CheatSheet). Other fans agreed, with one of them adding, "They're all growing up too quick."

It seems like Parker shot up recently, as a pic of the quints posted on Instagram in April in honor of their 5th birthday shows Parker as the tallest quint, but only by an inch or so.

Being tall isn't the only way Parker stands out from the other quints

Parker is the tallest of the quints, and she's also the shyest. Fans have expressed their concern for Parker before as she's often seemed upset in photos. "Parker always looks so sad," said one person in the comments of a photo of the quints posted on Instagram in October (via TV Shows Ace).

Last July, Parker was seen visiting an occupational therapist on OutDaughtered as the Busbys noticed their daughter was often stressed out in new situations. The therapist confirmed that Parker is quite shy and suggested that the family "work on expanding those opportunities to play with other kids." She added, "Taking her to the park, yoga, that can help her learn to... become calm."

Hopefully the new season of OutDaughtered — which will be self-shot due to the COVID-19 pandemic — will show a happy Parker overcoming her shyness and also give fans a glimpse at just how much she and the other quints have grown.