The Truth About Christina Anstead's Marriage

Christina Anstead's marriage to Ant Anstead all began when the pair tied the knot in December 2018, following her divorce from her first husband, Tarek El Moussa, who's made some controversial decisions over the years. After the divorce, Christina found love again and managed to seamlessly blend her family with that of Ant Anstead's. The pair built themselves a beautiful life founded on growth and acceptance. "You let me be me, you listen without judgment and love me like I'm brand new. I've become a better person since I met you and I will continue to grow with you by my side," Christina said in her wedding vows, according to Us Weekly.

The couple also developed some impressive co-parenting skills, and they managed to foster relationships with their exes with little drama. Christina and Ant also continuously put their kids first. And though the two were bit by the travel bug and were constantly embarking on new excursions together, their love was presumably their biggest adventure yet. That is until they announced their split in September 2020. Here are all of the details about Christina Anstead's marriage.

Christina Anstead met her husband just one year after her messy divorce

Fans were shocked when real estate gurus Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa filed for divorce in 2017 (via People), but neither of the Flip or Flop stars wasted time moving on. As Country Living reported, Christina first met Ant Anstead in late 2017, about a year after her split from El Moussa. According to the publication, a mutual friend introduced them, and the rest is history.

On her show Christina on the Coast, as shared by People, Christina dished all the details of their earliest encounter. "Walter is a mutual friend of ours and also a motorhead just like Ant. He's also a bit of a matchmaker," she said, explaining, "He set us up on a blind date and loves the chance to retell the story anytime he can." Christina wasn't kidding. Walter recalled Ant's thoughts about Christina after their first meeting. "I think it was just a couple days later that he said to me, 'I'm marrying that girl one day,'" he shared.

Ant and Christina Anstead said "I love you" just days after their first date

Early on in Ant and Christina Anstead's relationship, there was no question about the love they had for each other. In one episode of Christina on the Coast, as reported by People, the HGTV star dished on her romantic first date with Ant and their whirlwind romance that followed. According to her, it was a mere few days after their first outing that her beau shared that he loved her.

The pivotal moment went down while they were grabbing ice cream. "It was a couple of days later that me and him were at Fashion Alley eating ice cream," Christina shared in the episode. "He looked at me and he was like, 'I love you.'" And while moving too fast might not work for some couples, Christina had no problem with Ant's bold move. "It's such a sweet story," she was sure to add.

What Ant and Christina Anstead had in common

According to Cosmopolitan, a twin flame is defined as "two people who were split into different bodies but share the same soul," and that's exactly the type of connection Ant Anstead once said he shared with Christina Anstead. "Thank you for choosing me! My twin flame," he wrote on Instagram in February 2020. 

Speaking to People, he shared why they're a perfect match. "I think it's really weird how we have so much in common," he told the publication in October 2019. "The great thing about being married to somebody like Christina is that we both are on the same page." The Wheeler Dealers host added that he and his wife shared "a synchronicity" that works.

Not only were the two on the same wavelength, but they shared uncanny parallels in their careers too. "She does a show with a co-host where she buys a house, fixes it and sells it, and I have a show with a co-host where I buy a car, fix it and sell it," Ant explained. He also revealed they were both penning books with Harper Collins.

Ant and Christina Anstead kept their engagement a total secret

Ant and Christina Anstead are one secretive duo. For months, they kept the fact they were engaged private. Ant got down on one knee in September 2018, but, as People shared, it wasn't until the following December they went public with their big news.

According to People, no one knew about the proposal aside from a few family members, and Ant told the publication how they managed to keep it a secret. "We had an engagement, we just didn't tell anyone," he told the publication. Of their decision, Christina said, "It's different for us now. We didn't want all the fuss. Just a quiet wedding without all the drama and paparazzi."

In fact, the couple didn't tell most people until their wedding day. When they asked friends and family to gather in Newport Beach, Calif. in December, they served up the shock of a lifetime. "Surprise! We're getting married!" Christina told the crowd.

Ant and Christina Anstead's wedding was incredibly intimate

Ant and Christina Anstead's marriage marked the second for both of them, so, when it came to their wedding day, they wanted to keep things more low key. As People shared, the pair wed in a secret "winter wonderland" ceremony at their home in Newport Beach, Calif. in December 2018. And despite their celebrity status, they managed to keep the guest list to just 70 of their closest family and friends. "Seeing the happy tears of friends and family was priceless," Christina told People following the big day. 

The intimate ceremony also included their kids, marking the beginning of their adorable blended family. Christina shares daughter Taylor and son Brayden with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, who hosts HGTV's Flipping 101, as noted by PopSugar, while Anstead has daughter Amelie and son Archie from a previous marriage. "It was really important for them to be a part of it," Ant said, reflecting on the ceremony. "Taylor was the flower girl, Archie was the ring bearer, and Amelie walked with Brayden down the aisle."

Ant and Christina Anstead's wedding included boho chic decor and an appearance from their dog

Christina Anstead's wedding to Ant Anstead may have been small, but not a single detail was overlooked. The pair hosted a breathtaking backyard wedding in a Newport Beach, Calif. ceremony in December 2018, and the photos from the day were jaw-dropping to say the least. The couple's impeccable attention to detail included white accents all around, and there was boho-chic inspired decor everywhere.

Christina's TV show Christina on the Coast airs on HGTV, and the network shared a slew of photos that made fans feel like they were there in person. Christina carried a stunning bouquet comprised of white and light pink peonies, and the aisle Christina walked down was littered with white petals. The decor from Christina's special day also featured a stunning arbor and white chairs.

The celebration even included Christina's French bulldog, Cash, who looked thrilled to be part of the big day. Cash wore a custom dog-sized tuxedo to walk Christina down the aisle.

Ant and Christina Anstead had a "golden" rule for making their blended family work

While Ant and Christina Anstead share one child of their own, they each have children from prior marriages. Christina shares kids Taylor and Brayden with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, while Anstead has Amelie and Archie from his marriage to his first wife, Louise. And while merging families is no easy feat, the pair figured out how to do it. Christina's husband told Entertainment Tonight that there's a "golden rule" they followed to make things work.

"I think everybody has to be on the same page," he shared. "Everybody has to be present and pulling in the same direction. That includes Tarek, it includes my ex. If everybody wants the same thing, and that has to be kids first."

In the same interview, he stressed the importance of prioritizing the kids before all else. "If you prioritize kids first, it actually kind of falls into place and the rest of it makes sense," he insisted.

Ant and Christina Anstead enjoyed a romantic honeymoon in Bora Bora

Celebrities are known for having lavish, over-the-top honeymoons, and that's exactly what Ant and Christina Anstead enjoyed after tying the knot. The happy couple set off to Bora Bora, and pictures from their trip exuded extravagance from start to finish.

As Us Weekly reported, the pair stayed in an oceanside bungalow at a luxury resort. And in between romantic dinners and blue water dives, Christina shared some of the honeymoon fun with her followers. According to the publication, the television star took to Instagram with a video showing her excitedly screaming while jumping from the edge of their private swimming pool into the ocean water below. She told her followers that the moment was a "bucket list" item she could now check off. Christina followed up her fun-loving video with a romantic photo kissing Ant by the ocean. "Magic hour," she captioned the dreamy snapshot. Clearly, Christina Anstead lives an insanely lavish life!

Ant and Christina Anstead purchased a home together... and compromised on decor

No one knows real estate better than Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead, so it's no surprise she found a gem of a house to move into with Ant Anstead. The pair purchased a new home in Newport Beach, Calif., HGTV's website shared. And despite having completely different tastes in architecture, the pair was able to compromise. "I'm bohemian, he's more industrial," Christina explained to HGTV.

Before signing on the dotted line for their new home, the two had a pretty clear idea of what they were looking for. "Single level, preferably farmhouse style, and I've always loved a black-and-white home," Christina shared. After moving in, they certainly packed plenty of memories into the space, with Christina saying the family was big on playing soccer together. 

In a separate interview with, Christina detailed some of the decor elements that were important to her in the space. "I went with what I call a California contemporary theme, with a bohemian element," she told the site, adding that she incorporated "a lot of black and white, and floating shelves." 

Ant and Christina Anstead gushed about each other on social media

Before their split, Ant and Christina Anstead were definitely not shy about sharing their love with the world. When holidays and anniversaries rolled around, they put the sweetest parts of their marriage on full display, penning loving messages about one another on social media.

Six months after tying the knot, Christina marked half a year with Ant with a message completely devoted to him. Sharing a memory from their wedding, she wrote in the caption, "Six months of marriage with you and look at where life has already taken us." The real estate guru then reflected on the milestones they experienced. "Baby on the way, amazing career opportunities, travel adventures. Manifesting those vision board goals with you is a dream," she continued.

Similarly, Ant had nothing but the sweetest things to say when Valentine's Day rolled around. The Wheeler Dealers host took to Instagram to gush about the life he and Christina had built together. "My valentine... my wife..... @christinaanstead I cannot imagine this life without you! You lift me, ground me, inspire me, teach me, complete me and most of all love me!!" he said, in part.

Ant and Christina Anstead are big fans of outdoor adventures

A couple who adventures together stays together! Or so we thought. As Us Weekly shared, Christina Anstead and her husband, Ant Anstead, were known to enjoy riding bikes together, but their outdoor adventures didn't end there. The two have embarked on both domestic and international adventures together. Notably, they took a stab at paddle boarding while on vacation in Bora Bora for their honeymoon in January 2019. Christina shared photos of the ocean excursion on Instagram, reflecting on their shared adventures. "We've had so many adventures in the past 2.5 years," she said in a March 2020 post dedicated to Ant on his 41st birthday. Detailing each trip, she continued, "Bike rides, UK trips, safaris, Ireland, Cabo, Maui, new home, surprise wedding..."

Looking ahead to more adventures to come, she added, "I can't wait to see where this next decade takes us." Unfortunately, as we now know, they'd break up by September 2020.

Ant and Christina Anstead welcomed their first child together in September 2019

In addition to sharing children from prior marriages, Ant and Christina Anstead welcomed a child of their own in September 2019. The pair first announced they were expecting just three months after their wedding. "[Ant Anstead] and I are so excited to announce #babyanstead coming this September!! The kids are all so excited to meet their new sibling," she wrote in an Instagram post showing a sonogram.

The two kept fans posted when their little bundle of joy arrived. Along with a photo showing Christina and Ant lovingly looking down at their newborn, Christina revealed they had welcomed a baby boy on Sept. 6, 2019. "Ant and I are so excited to welcome Hudson London Anstead into the world," she gushed. "Our hearts are SO full of love and joy! Our healthy baby boy was born this morning." She noted their little one weighed precisely seven pounds and seven ounces.

Ant and Christina Anstead were supportive of each other's ability to co-parent with their exes

As Christina Anstead moved on with Ant Anstead, her ex, Tarek El Moussa, did the same with Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young. But it was hardly a closed chapter between Christina and her ex-husband. The former couple share two children together, so they've had to figure out how to successfully co-parent since their split. According to Christina, time truly does heal all.

During the global pandemic in April 2020, the star spoke with People to share their co-parenting secrets. "Tarek and I split four years ago. That's a long time. When there are tough times like these, all of a sudden we're totally a unified front and talk and email multiple times a day," the HGTV star stated.

They may not have had a traditional family set-up, but Christina and Ant figured out a healthy way of co-parenting with their exes while they were together.

Christina Anstead said her marriage with Ant helped her change for the better

Christina Anstead was quick to say that her husband, Ant Anstead, brings out the best in her. She was still experiencing post-marital bliss when she opened up to Us Weekly in April 2020 and described all about the ways she's changed for the better since meeting her beau.

"I feel like I'm just more calm," the Christina on the Coast host told the publication as she promoted her book, The Wellness Remodel. She went on to explain that she'd had great patience since she met Ant. "I don't know if it's just me getting older, but things that used to bother me, or that I used to take personally, or maybe since going through a public divorce. I just like, really, it takes a lot to bother me nowadays," she said. "I don't really sweat the small stuff at all and I just feel like I'm more patient."

Christina and Ant Anstead split after less than two years of marriage

Christina Anstead's HGTV hit Christina on the Coast offered viewers a glimpse of her seemingly happy family life with Ant Anstead. Yet there was apparently more going on when the cameras weren't rolling, which became clear in September 2020, when she announced they had split up — less than two years after tying the knot. 

"Ant and I have made the difficult decision to separate," Christina wrote in an Instagram post, accompanying a photo of the two in silhouette, walking hand-in-hand on a beach at sunset. "We are grateful for each other and as always, our children will remain our priority," she continued. "We appreciate your support and ask for privacy for us and our family as we navigate the future."

Fans were no doubt shocked by her news, yet there was one person who was reportedly not surprised: Christina's ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa. According to an insider who spoke with Us Weekly, Christina's former husband (and current Flip or Flop co-star) was "sad" to see her experience the pain of her second marriage crumbling, but "did not think that Christina and Ant would last."